Trevon Walker

Dude run dude ran a 4.51 forty great time for a guy his size

Thibby 4.58
Hutch 4.74

Ojabo 4.60
Sam Williams - 4.46
Nick Bonitto - 4.54

Damn Jordan Davis 4.78
Devonte Wyatt 4.77

Them Georgia boys can run.

Man, as good as that kid looked against Michigan, you would have thought his stats should have been better…especially with all the talent on that D-line and teams not being able to double him.

13 games last season, 6 sacks and 37 tackles
14 games the previous 2 seasons before last year, 3.5 sacks and 28 tackles

Hopefully he kept his shirt on…but yes, that is impressive as heck.

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I think there are 2 reasons that contribute to that.

#1 – With all the talent on that defense… they were racing each other to get a sack or tackle.
I mean… nobody had more than 73 tackles… and 17 different guys recorded sacks (11 had >1 sack).

#2 — the defense was so dominant… they didn’t stay on the field for long drives, which means they have as many plays to rack up stats.

Would like to see some advanced stats like pressures per pass play and see how he compares.

Very impressive.

I think we will draft an IDL and I’ve been wondering if we would trade up to take him.

It will take a trade up to get him for sure.

Yeah but it was Davis who was taking up double teams.

So it’s a catch 22.

I’m more impressed with Davis and I think if the Lions take anyone from Georgia it’s going to be an Davis or Wyatt.