Trey Flowers credited with 6 pressures

Pride of Detroit



credited Trey Flowers with 6 pressures on Sunday.

That’s where he makes his impact, I think he’s been top 3 in pressures the last few years

Plus 8 tackles and a sack? I’ll eat my own words, maybe he’s starting to get into a groove

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Yup - hoping it’s a trend. He was playing against a backup. Hoping he’s done recovering and ready tho whip some Packers, Bears, and Vikings.

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And Chiefs.


Yup - everyone, for sure. I feel like we will do great, outside the division. I think the division is more important than usual, this year. It looks like every team in our division has a chance to win the thing.

Flowers flips back and forth but a ton of his snaps were on the RT side vs Lane Johnson

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Is there a source where we can see pressures without subscribing to pff?

I think the Pride of Detroit website has such a subscription and, factually, they’re a reliable source.

I thought Flowers played his best game as a Lion but he’s still fucking up with critical penalties.

Meh that penalty I don’t blame him for as he was kind of pushed into the QBs legs while going down.

The roughing call against Flowers was total garbage. Never happened.