Trinity Benson Injury Settlement?

Does anyone have any info about it? Apparently he was practicing and playing with an injury late in the last game or maybe he was injured on his last play of the pre-season. Should I believe this?

I guess he’ll be paid for an agreed upon number of games and then can come back with the Lions or any other team. In other words, he’ll be a FA, though maybe there’s a wink/wink deal.

Somebody, help me!!

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Trading for Benson hurt Brad Holmes credibility amongst fans. Is that the injury that needed to be settled?


Maybe some. But not most.


Fixed that for you.


You’re Awesome!

In order to combat a wink/wink deal, Benson is allowed to sign with any team, but cannot sign with the Lions for whatever his injury is plus six weeks. So if his injury settlement was for 5 games, he couldn’t sign with us until week 11.


Benson… The young man that single handily took down the Holmes regime.


Meh. Nobody’s perfect. It wasnt a smart move by Holmes, but oh well.


They yap about that on the radio too. Benson was a miss. If they’d spent the pick and had the same outcome everyone would shrug.


It really wasn’t even that bad of a whiff. We didn’t even lose a draft pick, we swapped a pick.


Hitting on 12-14 out of every 15 isn’t gonna ruin your street credit with most.

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Exactly - Hitting on 12-14 our of every 15. That’s amazing.

LOL - fantastic!


It put a huge rift in the family. In the final episode of Hard Knocks his wife is going to personally cut Benson, to save the family name. Its a powerful scene.




Yeah, I’m not sure why people are making such a big stink about it.
GM’s miss on 5th, 6th, and 7th round picks all the time.

Benson trade = not that big of a deal
James Houston = kid didn’t have it between the ears, no fricking big deal


Tom Brady was a 6th round pick….

therefore… every pick the Lions GM makes in the 6th round should be a hall of fame player…, or the GM is a BUST!!!


Somebody remind me, who was picked with the pick we gave up for Benson?

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The 5th became Darrian Kennard who will likely be a Vaitai like OG.

For the other players who did not recieve an injury settlement but diverted to IR - Does their pay count against the salary cap?

Before you bash Holmes with this crap about 2 late picks .Why don’t you research other teams an how they waste draft picks… Bill the GM for Pats has a lot of rings but not lately you know how many top 3 picks he has wasted in last like 4 or 5 years He is not the only one so before you whine about to late picks an forget we got Benson an a pick in that trade so tell it all if your going to whine.

A fifth an seventh for Benson an a 6th you forgot that Maybe as poster your credibility should be questioned i won’t cus either your big fan of Benson or your just anti Holmes an can’t help yourself. Its your opinion just think you way way wrong