True or false

Lamar Jackson looks like Ugly Wanda.


If either of our tackles could block, I wouldn’t care of they looked like Roseanne Barr and Lena Dunham.


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Isn’t Ugly Wanda an oxy-moron?!?!?

I thought it was “Wicked” Wanda?


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he doesn’t photograph well because the cameras can’t catch him, either;

you wanna try?

Why would you look at a man long enough to see a resemblance to Wanda? Sorry, I am not woke enough to understand. Let me try. He is so ugly he could make a train take a dirt road and you are a tranny and you like ugly men. Or, you are a hetero female and you like ugly men. Or, you are a lesbian and you want to be attractive enough to a female so you are looking for ugly tips from an ugly guy. Or, you are a man and you want an ugly man. I am sure I forgot one. Help me out. Why does one ugly man have you so enfatuated?