Trying out some new Detroit media ... Karsch & Anderson?

Holy crap those two are boring.

I’ve tried to give them chance after chance, but it feels like background noise for a retirement community.

Have they always been this dry? I’m trying to find some other podcasts/media to follow for the Detroit area.

I can’t remember which, but one of them sounds like a muppet. Kermit-like.

Yeah, the struggle is real. Zero media here. The most popular show is the antagonistic blow-hard shtick from mike valenti. I think Iggy is his burner account. They’re two peas in a pod.


What are you talking about, do you listen to sports in other cities? The drivel out of some of them is nauseating. I think Detroit sports radio, especially 97.1 the ticket, is one of the best in the country.

To each his own, I guess.

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Not sure if this was meant for me? I’m talking the two guys I mentioned specifically. And yes, I do listen to other markets.

Anyway, FWIW – I’m actually a fan of Valenti. No, I don’t always agree with him, but I think he gets a bad rap from a lot of people I’ve interacted with on Lions boards.

You said media, you said Detroit. That’s all you need to say. It just follows that they suck. With such stellar examples like the shit we get served around Detroit, the only hope is someone worth a shit takes passing interest in a Detroit team.

Yeah, I’ve spent a total of two weeks out of my 30+ years on this Earth in Detroit. Excuse me for not knowing the landscape – that was the whole point behind my question.

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God, just typing that out makes me wonder why I bother anymore. The only reason I absolutely loved this team died decades ago.

I think it was meant for both you and Linebusy. People rag on the Detroit media and I am fully in that category as well. But the Lions and the NFL have always acted like they are running a military operation with so much secrecy and cliches that it can be tough for writers and fans alike to get anything out of quotes and press conferences.

As for the radio shows, you know they are just entertainment and not actual media. I don’t think anyone on 97.1 is an actual journalist, except Bob “Wojo” Wojnowski.

People hate Valenti because he tells them the truth and they can’t handle that their sports teams suck or like to hear him bash on them all the time.

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He takes positions and says things meant to inflame or demean. “Truth” is like stats sometimes, in that you can arrange them however you want to build a narrative, or as you correctly point out… to “entertain”. If that’s your cup of tea, have at it. BTW, it’s not “hate”, it’s having zero patience or interest in that shtick.

I enjoy the shows on that station.

Like I initially said, to each his own.

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A belated :+1:

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Nate Burleson is one.

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