Tua has a confirmed hip dislocation. Tank for Tua?

Tank for Tua ? Not after a confirmed hip dislocation & that is one nasty injury that is not common .
If he has fractures as well, that is also a big deal and like many who dislocate hips, if he ended up with an extended lack of blood to the hip because of the dislocation he is done . The lack of blood flow is a given with hip dislocation, it’s for how long and it does not take long . A buddy of mine growing up dislocated a hip while trying to jump a fence on his bike and landed on it. He was 17 years old and less than a year later full hip replacement .
The force needed to dislocate a hip is massive . I feel for this kid & hope he had a monster insurance policy out on himself .

Almost no injury is the same as “when we were kids” anymore. With today’s science and medicine, anything is possible.
There was a posterior wall fracture as well.
We’ll see if he’s able to overcome this or not.

Also, they’re saying CJ Mosley had the same injury and same doctor at Alabama and played the next year.

And why was Tua even in the game winning 35-7 at the end of the first half?!?!

Is the hip dislocation a reoccurring issue for Tua ? If so why would we want him as a QB?
QB’s are going to get rolled up , hit, sacked, chased , have a pile of players on top of them so my concern is how serious is this and can he function or stay healthy.

I don’t KNOW the extent of the hip location or if it’s fixed or anything , just interesting.

The idea of drafting a qb is insane

“We were going to do 2-minute before the half with him, just for practice,” Saban said.

Not saying I agree with him being in there but I also have not seen the play that hurt him.