Tua Hurt

He went down on a 4th down pass. Was carted to the locker room.

Didn’t see it, did it look like a hip?

Man, don’t like to hear that. Not a big fan or anything, just knowing what he’s overcome to be where he’s at. Can’t help but pull for him, despite who he’s playing for.

The sooner Miami admits their mistake and moves on from Tua the better. For Tua I hope he recovers.


Same. I felt he was a mistake when they drafted him and have never seen anything to change my mind.
With you in hoping Tua is okay too.

Tua would have been the QB if not Okudah.

It didn’t pan out that way. I never wanted Tua back then or now I knew he would get re-injured. that said? never wish ill of too many people and hope he makes a full recovery!

If Tua was the QB, it would be a perfect reflection on how poor the scouting department was.

Fields>Tua: Is there really any difference? I say NOT. Time will tell.

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All the rookie QBs looked unimpressive today

Fields is better than Tua. I’m not sure how their careers will turn out but Fields is definitely better than Tua. I have expressed my reasons why I didn’t want to take a QB…but I really feel like 2021 was a unique opportunity to grab a franchise QB like Fields lower than the price point normally is.


Send your money to my favorite charity, you lose big time on this one.

Tua is setting a low bar

Dalton and Wentz hurt as well.

Fields is a way better prospect than Tua. I was a Tua fan Bc I thought the accuracy and intangibles would play up. I may have been wrong about that (too early to say for sure). His durability did concern me though.

That being said Fields is a way bigger, stronger athlete with a much bigger and way better athleticism

I was a Tua fan as well. He was 6-3 as a starter last year. Has a win already this year. I was concerned about his durability. Fields may have more upside but he also has more downside. He’s not shown me he’s anything more than a poor man’s Daunte Culpepper.

Nah. If that staff wanted Tua, they would’ve taken him.

Wentz seems to always be injured.

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Seriously. How do you sprain both of your ankles in one game?


Weak uterus.