Tua is an upgrade to Redskins more than lions?

We have a starting QB neither of them IS going to just immediately unseat Stafford and take over from here on out. Tua WOULD be better off with the Redskins because he’d come here under a dipshit GM and a try-hard HC that seems aimless. Our defense was a trainwreck in 2019, and our o-line HAS been getting Stafford beat and injured since 09.

Tua needs a very solid o-line.

Burrow 1, Tua 2 would be a dream scenario for the Lions

Do you think they are meeting with him to drive the price of the #2OA pick up. If they are looking at Tua then maybe Miami, SD, ETC… get worried. Still ideal for us though.

Every team is playing poker, to one degree or another. Cincy could be sitting back saying privately “Chase Young is the pick barring any irresistible offers.” Should no suitable offer come through then CY at 1 would send a shockwave down the draft board. (It really wouldn’t, teams near the top will have to have a plan for that).

But each team is trying to maximize their position like a bunch of poker players sitting around a hold 'em table. The Lions are in a very good spot. And I think it really behooves them to have their major needs all sewn up in free agency, as much as possible anyway, so teams can’t just say “They won’t pick Tua.”
The Lions should be considering him anyway, but they need to put pressure on teams to move up. Although no pressure may actually be required when they’re on the clock. It should be fun.

Like the perspective on the title!

Means total sense. Washington regardless would need a QB more than us. AZ has set a new tone with drafting back to back two ten QBs…

I’d love it!

Young falls in our lap and BQ doesn’t draft him. He turns down all trade offers and drafts?

My gut tells me we would pass on Young and I think that would be a stupid move by BQ.

Tua would be a definite upgrade over Haskins! And that isn’t saying much!

Redskins may pull a move similar to what Arizona did last year with Murray and Rosen. I never really liked Haskins as a prospect but the Redskins were ready to move-on from Cousins and Haskins was the best they could do at their pick last year, well they can do even better this year with Tua. It just depends on how the Redskins view Haskins, more importantly, it’s how Rivera views Haskins. Haskins is not Rivera’s guy, he didn’t draft him so he has no ties to him.
Maybe they draft Tua and move Haskins?!?!

Washington still has Alex Smith (who was signed to replace Cousins) under a cap heavy deal for another year, so Tua playing behind him for a year could make sense. Washington would have to eat almost 12M of dead money. The nice part is the team getting him gets him for 5.4M for 3 years and has the 5th year option if they desire. THAT IS DAMN CHEAP for a QB.

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I remember the 2012 draft when Washington drafted RG3 2nd overall and then took Cousins in the 4th round. That was a wise move in retrospect. They could draft Tua as kind of an insurance policy at the QB position. Odds are Tua is better than Haskins but you never know. Tua might be injury prone and Haskins could turn out to be a good or great QB. Everyone thought RG3 was going to be great and he busted out.

I’d love for the Lions to draft Young!


if they do --i hope they pick isiah simmon’s—but with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb–they would probally pick the gator-ade boy–just saying

This adds fuel to the fire.


You know, Rivera keeps referring to the game against us as proof of Haskins ability. Can you imagine? They’re going to take Young instead of a QB because of our defense, in essence screwing us out of Chase Young. Our 2019 suckiness is reverberating into 2020.

great point. A double whammy

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Spin? Or read between the lines…

I’ll give him our 4th for Haskins.

This is a possibility. Rivera look close as a Hawain

This may be the only time in history that the name of the player picked is the same as his draft position.


Tua means 3 ?