Tua named starter for Dolphins

Fitz has been playing good for Dolphins and they had won 2 straight. Interesting timing. Tua must be looking great in practice. This is who I wanted the Lions to draft… can’t wait to see this kid play. Miami has a real chance to make the playoffs.

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With no trade available, he was my choice also. Simmons, Bown and Okudah were not worthy of the third pick. Odd timing in swapping starters though.

Man… sorry but this is a bigtime tactical mistake. I know it’s the long term plan, but why would you start Tua against a really good team and defense?? Start him against the Jets (college team) and then have 2 weeks to evaluate and go over film with him.

Asking a rookie QB to make his first start against Aaron Donald and the Rams is just brutal, and especially coming off of 2 wins. Keep Fitzpatrick as starter, if the game goes sideways then you can have Tua come in and get some snaps and experience and prep him for starter the week after.


Excited to see Tua but I don’t think the timing is right. Fitzpatrick is playing well and they’re competitive. It’s kind of a slap in the face to Fitz and the team basically making this a development season now. Maybe Tua leads them to more victories but I think the learning curve might be steep for him. I would have red shirted Tua this year like the Chiefs did with Mahomes.


Not to mention why announce it now and give them ample time to prepare for him. When you do name him the starter you wanted it to be a surprise just before kick off.

Makes no sense and I wouldn’t be in any rush to hurry him into action.

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I would have not started him until the final week against the Bills. Then named him the starter for 2021.

I hope they do not get this kid hurt by rushing him back. They have a super tough schedule left too. I hope it doesn’t hurt his development.

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Makes no sense …
He will starting a game in the NFL 350 days post… one of the worst injuries a football player can receive.

To do so when the QB currently playing is playing well …Huge Risk.

Agree - they are 3-1 last four games??

Maybe Ryan is hurting

The other 2 rookie QBs are doing very well. Miami actually has a decent team, so it is not like they are throwing him into a dumpster fire situation. Flores has done a good job so far, and has earned the benefit of the doubt. Tua is probably forcing their hand with how he looks in practice.

If Tua comes in and lights it up Flores looks like a genius. If he gets lit up then he will get raked over the coals. I will give him credit for having the balls to make this move when the team/fitz is playing well and winning. Much easier move to make if you’re losing.

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Joe-fitz getting the ball out as 2nd fastest in the NFL-begins BB. He’s masking a poor OL.

Maybe Fitz is on his way to Dallas? Just a thought.

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Was thinking the same. Jerrah called and offered to good a deal.


It’s win/win. The Dolphins believe Tua is their franchise QB. The Cowboys get a solid, and actively playing well QB in Fitz. MIA will probably get a 2nd rd as we part of the deal.

It’s all conjecture on my part though lol.

If I’m coaching the Dolphins and I can see in practice that Tua gives me the best chance to win then I make the switch. The division is ripe for the taking and nobody expected the Dolphins to do anything this year. Flores could be coach of the year if Tua is the real deal. With that being said, if Tua comes in and has to be benched after a couple weeks it could ruin his confidence forever. Gotta find out sooner or later.

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Or - he reinjured his hip … not letting fully heal…

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That’s exactly what happened at Alabama

People need to factor in that Fitzmagic typically only gets up to 5 or 6 games in a row before he falls apart. Then you are forced to bench him anyways. I guess they are just getting ahead of it.


This can’t possibly be accurate. I was told by somebody on here who talked to his orthopaedist that Tua was ruined by his injury and could never play well enough anymore to compete at the NFL level.

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hope Tua has good health in his career…good luck kid !!!

Interesting… this may have been planned. Maybe they wanted to see how Tua was healing and developing in practice, but were going to give it 6 weeks into the season before making a decision. Things must be checking out all around, including that team isn’t playing like total trash around the QB.