Turf upgrades incoming

Cool article about changing turf next year at ford field and practice facility…good ownership taking care of players


From what I’ve read, it’s being done right now.
Not so sure it’s an “upgrade”? They’re just replacing the existing fieldturf with a different fieldturf.

Most definitely an upgrade, they are changing to the best turf available according to the NFLPA.


Yeah it listed other teams with this …from what i read it is the best


This is so encouraging! It costs them less than $3mm to make sure their players have the best stuff to play on. No Brainer for a good organization to provide. Terrible management does short sighted stuff like charge the players for pens and coffee.


Reminds me of the Oakland A’s when they had to pay for gatorade and water in the clubhouse. I’ve heard similar stuff about the Bengals in the past.


It’s 2023 and they’re just now getting an indoor practice facility. A state in the northern midwest - and attached to a Great Lake. That’s how their owner rolls.

I’m not sure of the exact rule, but he is part of the reason the NFL is looking at changing it. Something about what the owner is responsible for vs. what the NFL is responsible for. Don’t know the details, like if the owners are going to be required to do more or if the NFL is etc.

What I do know is be it the owners or the NFL, both make more than enough money to make sure there are facilities for every team that are up to standard to the money they make.

Shiela is apparently just taking responsibility on her own unprovoked. Good for her. After all the field condition discussions this year, you know the players are grateful to her. Just another thing that is going to help make Detroit an attractive stop for FA and UDFA.

Again, my knowledge of this is currently very sketchy. If anyone can chime with more accurate info, please feel free.


I thought you did well and have been listening and getting the jist of the situation.

You nailed it. And its the perfect example of what the Bengals have been going thru in a league that’s known for excessive spending.

Who pays what is an ongoing struggle. And its a battle between millionaires and billionaires, so most of us can not relate. One thing the Bengals are trying to change is the need to put all guaranteed contract money into escrow. Let’s pretend we just signed a player with a $20M signing bonus, and then guaranteed $60M of his salary over the next 5 years. In our fan brains the owner writes a check for $20M for the signing bonus, and the salary gets taken care of over the next 5 years by NFL revenue sharing. But what actually happens is the owner has to write a $20M check for the signing bonus, and then another check for $60M that’s put into escrow for the next 5 years.

This year there was a huge surge in people talking about “cash over cap.” Most of the league is capable of it. But realize, there are a few teams who don’t have ultra rich owners who light their cigars with $100 bills. So to throw out $200M in guaranteed money in a single signing cycle in a league that reimburses owners $200M per year like the Jags did is not an option for some owners. The Bengals are at the top of that list.

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