Turkey day game = turkey--depressing duddd

i guess many here already has a vision of how this game {debackel } is going to turn out–everybody is hurt–starting a new rookie at QB --who has never thrown a ball in a nfl game–a defense that is a disaster-and rushing offence that is offensive—a defensive coach that is disaster–but–i still will today and always root for the lions–have been since 1954—but i need a secondary team to root for–past 2 seasons i felt i should go with the chiefs–but being in the adirondacks of ny–i thought the bill’s , but friends up here say thats canadian football—maybe the ravens ,as daughter #1 and her husband live in maryland—he is a washing ton fan—frustration --think i should go with the ravens----east coast team—family near by—hate the west coast and 49s—need some help–which team should i go with—would like to have a hurrah for at least 1 time in my life

Go with Clemson. They good

Clemson is like the Pats. Benefit from a shitty conference/division.

Yeah, just think how good the Lions would be in that division!

Yes! We could be…mediocre.

Doubtful, probably just make the bottom dwellers of that division look a little better!

Come on man! We’re Lions fans. We can’t have anything nice!

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Stomp the Bears. That is all.

edit: A win today and we’re just a half game back of the Bears. Let’s put them in the cellar by season’s end. They have no first rounder so that’s double punishment.


Yeah, we shouldn’t win, and winning will not help us.
We’ll probably win.

[i could go with clemson–they are darn goodquote=“Humberto, post:2, topic:2709, full:true”]
Go with Clemson. They good

Bullshit call already.

Over/under 2 for number of Bears punts today?

No signs of any competent defense so far. Definitely going to be a long day

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The defense continues to suck against terrible offenses.

Lol Slay. Dude tackles worse than Deion Sanders. We will be lucky to get a 3rd rounder for him

Big play slay wasn’t even close

Looked like lack of effort

This game has the feel of the Millen days. The team just doesn’t seem to care right now.


On the bright side, we can trick the Bears into thinking Trubisky doesn’t suck. The more time they invest in him the better for the rest of the NFCN.

Agreed, defense looked like they were just going through the motions. I know Snacks is out but still should be more effective than they were