Detroit was #1 with a total of just 15 with fumbles outpacing int’s 8-7. We had 12 int’s and 10 fumble recoveries, it tied us for 4th with +7. As good as that was I really think we can do better. I doubt we make any improvements on our turnovers, but I believe we will do better creating turnovers. W/O making any actual predictions I just believe our overhauled secondary is going to be all that. And that leads to coverage sacks and more pressure on the QB and forcing mistakes.

We had the fewest takeaways in the Top 10 with 22 last season, the Cowboys had 33. We had 5 of our 15 turnovers vs the Cowboys and lost a game we were leading in at half time. Actually pretty incredible that we only had 10 turnovers total in the other 16 games. Again, I doubt we do much better than 15 but I do expect our D to force more from our opponents. A full season of Houston, a revamped secondary, a MLB who was the highest rated coverage MLB in the draft, a slew of DL coming back healthy? It wasn’t that long ago that I don’t think we had a single int on the season.


Great post. I 100% believe it too, man, & for the same reasons.
More pressure up front (Houston full season)
Better defensive backfield, both in creating coverage sacks & mistakes …& also more opportunistic at picking the ball when opportunity presents itself.

Got us some bad asses in the secondary

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Can we just sit back and appreciate this aspect of Goff for a second?

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He actually had 4 of our 8 fumbles lost, Williams had 2, not sure who had the other 2. Montgomery had 2 as well last year, that’s pretty typical for him. Getting rid of the ball before they can get to you is big. Live to see another day. More awareness on his part, he has fumbled 58x and lost 29 over 7 seasons.

And this doesn’t touch on the idea of plays resulting in no gain, no first down conversions nor lost yardage….

Forcing a WB to throw away the ball and down is as important imho as to a TO….

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Apple is my favorite turnover, but my nutrition plan simply won’t allow them. However, BBQ kneecaps are allowed on the plan!

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Yep. With Joseph back there (for more of the season) and our new secondary additions, I wouldn’t be surprised if our interception numbers went up…

The JWill fumble at the goal line in the Dallas game … man that was a killer.

I agree that we won’t have fewer, but should force more. Some INT’s are lucky (some, not all). I think luck was on our side last year. We may even have more TO’s, but also have a better net difference.

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