Twentyman talking with Safeties Coach Brian Duker

These look like they will be pretty cool Kudos to Twentyman!!


Twentyman does a good job with his interviews. He asks thought provoking questions and is smart enough to allow the coaches the time to answer.
I like everything I’m hearing on the staff taking accountability to improve the scheme to make things easier for the players to succeed. I will say it again, this is the best coaching staff I have ever seen in my life as a Lion fan. That goes back to the days of Schmidt.


Interviews like that are exactly what a hungry fan needs at this time of the year. More than anything that podcast speaks to Holmbell’s commitment to their information-sharing and No Turds policies. I wonder if the janitors in Allen Park are held to such high standards?

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I think so. I heard that the real reason we got rid of Collins is that he didn’t flush after taking a dump and the janitors had him packing the next day.

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Joseph and Iffy make that a pretty solid room.
Harris is a pretty good CB.
I like the way this team is taking shape.
They better not be blowing sunshine up my ass!


I’ve been looking around the NFL at depth charts recently to see if there are some potential roster cuts.

Denver may have more safeties than they can keep if everyone stays healthy.

Jamar Johnson was a guy that some here wanted to draft…
and now he is listed at 4th string.