Two issues to be fixed, not sure they can

From the NFL network post game review:
grabbed the portion on Detroit

The trouble seemed to start when Halapoulivaati Vaitai left the game with about 10 minutes to go. From that point on, the Seahawks got far more consistent pressure. A couple plays after Vaitai left the game, Jared Goff was sacked. On the play after the sack, Goff was pressured and he threw his first INT in 383 attempts, a pick that was run back for six by the Seahawks’ Tre Brown. Defensively, the Lions struggled to handle the Seahawks’ pass-catchers and get off the field on third downs. Injuries and missed tackles plagued them throughout the game, and CB Jerry Jacobs had a target on his back all afternoon. Jacobs allowed eight catches on eight targets for 85 yards and a TD, per Next Gen Stats.


Seahwaks got 28 1st downs, with 3 backup OLinemen, good times.


Lack of a pass rush is the biggest concern to me.


Not adjusting to their quick passing game was what stood out to me. We appeared to be in zone coverage for most of the game and guys were open all the time for easy, quick completions.

It’s bad that no one realised that that’s what they would do down their two tackles, and it’s worse that there was no adjustment when they started carving it up in the second half.


Like most of our games, there was no defensive adjustment.

No adjustment and no pressure on the QB = Loss in the NFL.

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It’s almost like the same old lions defense we’ve seen for decades🤔

You kidding me we got 3 phaze Harris.

Season 2 Lol GIF by Insecure on HBO

They way the Pigeons played with those backups, they should be starters. I thought they played an excellent game. They played physical imo

Yep they did well, we on the other hand lose big v and our Oline kinda fell apart.

That’s absolutely terrible with Jacobs. He did not force one incompletion on balls thrown his way.

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I think Seattle’s offense is really really good. At least with their skill personnel. I mean Walker just wears defenses down because he makes people miss/breaks tackles so often. The WR trio is among the best in the league. That TE is a monster to bring down. Disly.

OTOH, Jacobs got beat like a drum all game. I definitely think they went after him.

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