Two quarterbacks from the NFC North this season:

Let’s take two quarterbacks from the NFC North this season:

Quarterback A completed 50 passes in 114 attempts under pressure for 774 yards, eight touchdowns, one interception, and a passer rating of 86.7.

Quarterback B completed 58 passes in 115 attempts under pressure for 876 yards, eight touchdowns, two interceptions, and a passer rating of 91.8.

Quarterback A is Aaron Rodgers. Quarterback B is Matthew Stafford.


Those that understand what they are watching see this every time he plays.

Neither Brady or Rodgers played exceptionally well (Rodgers was a little better), if Matt played better than both and the Lions lost the game “fans” would be blaming Stafford. TB won because they were the better team, enough to offset the play of Brady.


Amazing how that simple concept flies over so many heads


Going to miss Stafford, and I have no problem admitting that I was on the A. Curry bandwagon back in 09’ but Stafford grew on me pretty quickly.


what are their stats when not under pressure?

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Let’s take 2 QB’s from the NFC North:

QB1- has the all-time leading passer rating EVER by any QB and can elude “under pressure”.

QB2 - is behind the likes of Matt Schaub, Daunte Culpepper, Chad Pennington, Marc Bulger, and David Garard for career passer rating…and is 22 points lower than QB1.

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Did QB 1 ever play and start his career on a 0-16 team or even any of the QBs listed ?

Some posters will disregarded any thing trying to be right and goes to exterms to discredit Stafford .

I think that stat yote showed is some what amazing when you add in the difference in the team they played on and the coaching they had. Huge difference in that aspect. But I know some won’t understand this because some think there is no difference in coach from Patricia to Bill walsh but others will get it.

Very misleading stat posted by the OP, you would think looking at his statistical evidence that Stafford was comparable to Rodgers in 2020, which he’s not in any way.

Rodgers in 2020 - 121.5 passer rating with 48 TD’s and 5 ints - MVP of the entire NFL
Stafford in 2020 - 96.3 passer rating with 26 TD’s and 10 ints - 3 points above the league average 93 QB rating. For perspective, Kirk Cousins had a 105 rating for the season.

Stafford has had a decent career so far. However, he’s not nearly as good as some of the posters on this board think he is. Stafford was slightly better than Mitch Trubisky (93 QB rating) this year.

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This is the simplistic view or knowledge or the use of misleading stats to make a point.

Now how did those QBs rank in terms of a clean pocket to throw from say 29th or worse? how many had the 30th ranked rush offense? How many had their no. 1 wr out most of the yr? How many had the worst D in history, forcing them to take chances to keep close enough to steal a win in the closing minute?

For some reason, some cannot fathom that the roster and Coaching are huge. Ironically even with that Stafford had a 106.5 under Bevell but again the fact the play calling was more aggressive and more effective under a different HC means nothing.

Well, to be fair, it’s a very subjective and simple stat that the OP posted anyways. Someone posted this same stat a month or so ago and there’s things you have to think about, such as: What qualifies as “under pressure”? Is Stafford or Rodgers just dumping the ball to the RB when a defender gets close?
How does a QB’s pocket presence and ability to avoid pressure effect this state?
Look at it this way, if one QB gets some pressure and just dumps it off to his RB and the other QB gets some pressure and eludes it with his feet to buy more time, it’s really not the same…lots of questions and variables if you think about it.

Again, I like Stafford, I think he’s done a lot for this franchise…but like it or not, Aaron Rodgers is one of the best QB’s ever. Sure you can cherry-pick a stat here or there that makes Matt look good (and he is) and comparable to Rodgers…but he’s just not on the same level as Rodgers…and to be fair, nobody really is except maybe Mahommes in his short career.

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Stafford never played on a 0-16 team, that was 2008, he was drafted in 2009 with the first pick in the draft because of that 0-16 year.

Did Stafford ever play with a starting offensive line that was made-up of a rookie 4th round pick at LT, a 4th round OG next to him, a UDFA at Center, a 4th round RG, and a 5th round pick at RT? …oh, and still make it to the playoffs?..Fuq no he didn’t. We can build a powerhouse team around Stafford and still barely sniff the playoffs.

Stafford started with a team that just went 0-16. I wouldn’t expect you too understand that you understand so little. And going by your cool pic your just a guy that never grew . Trying to be the smartest guy on a message board in every post. Lol
You really are just arrogant

You are correct, I am a big kid…but I can at least look at Stafford and the Lions objectively. You should try it sometime, maybe you’d understand things a little better.

My thoughts exactly

I asked that too the last time this stat was thrown out there.

I do know that MS’s QBR is 68.4 for the season while AR’s is 84.3.

When thinking about this I’m reminded of the Packers game. Down 14-7 and Jones breaks open on a corner route on 3rd down. IIRC the corner might have fallen down. Stafford just has to lay it up there and it’s likely a TD. He overthrows it and does that frustrated jumping thing he always does when he wants one back. Rodgers doesn’t miss those.