Ty Johnson 4.26 40 Doseofdeon

Deons usual upbeat take, but, very interesting numbers and options highlighted.
I’m inclined to believe we have a new return man.

No question this kid can fly. Gotta wonder if this spells the end of Theo with the Lions. Maybe Agnew too if he doesn’t show enough on defense as a DB. We pretty much know that Theo has lost a step, maybe Agnew did too coming off his surgery.

If he could replace Riddick, We’d have 2 nice PR/KR dudes. Depth at that position could be a big deal. How many times have we had great return men that have gone down?

Melvin Jenkins
Terry Fair

Good return man is a difference maker.

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Two years ago we were at the top of the league in all sorts of special teams categories, and were right up there in turnovers on D. Anyone who wants to know what happened last year, there’s a big part your answer. Oh and throw in contributions from the TE position and we crapped all over ourselves.

Mel Gray
Andre Roberts

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Yup! Gray was usually pretty healthy, though! Total X-factor in a football game, when you have a great KR/PR.

that return in lambeau on a frozen field in 91 to help us win that game. dude was really elusive, great vision.


Eddie Drummond


Didnt Drummond return two punts for TDs in the same game, and the Lions won like 14-10?

We’ve had some great return men. Crazy to think of how often most of them got hurt. With exception of Mel Gray, almost all of the good ones were mostly injured.

Mel Gray…


That was a well-spent 3 minutes. Gray was pretty fun to watch. Kick Return used to be my favorite play in all of football, until they made it a flag football play.

You don’t realize what a good legacy the Lions have in kick returners, until you look at it. We’ve had some really good ones over the years. Well above NFL average.


Sort of…but not quite. Here’s a link to the game details of Lions vs Jaguars 2004 https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/200411140jax.htm

Here’s the summary version:

  • Our offense sucked and we were down 17-0 going in the 4th quarter
  • Eddie Drummond returns a punt 55 yards for a TD to make it 17-7
  • There’s barely a minute left in the game when Drummond returns another punt 83 yards for a TD, tying the game up at 17-17 and sending it to overtime
  • We kicked off in OT and the Jags marched the ball right down the field and scored a TD and won 23-17, because we suck

Does anyone remember the guy before Drummond, Larry Foster?

Eddie Payton. Walter’s brother.



Thanks Wes… I was out in the Rockies on an elk hunt at the time and i only remember bits and pieces of the game that were relayed to me, via GMRS radio, from a guy back at our camp.

Obviously, i dont remember much of what i was told, other than the two Eddie Drummond TDs…smh

Desmond Howard


The legend!

Lem Barney