Tyree Wilson

The more I watch this guy, the more intrigued I get with the idea of moving him inside. He’s listed as an edge everywhere right now, and at 6’6, 275 that’s where he played the bulk of his snaps at Texas Tech.

But not all of them. And it was when he moved inside that I thought he really shined as a pass-rusher.

I’ve never seen anyone so long be as strong as Wilson is. That’s the first thing you notice about him, his freakish strength. I think it would bode well for a move inside even if he didn’t add any weight. And his length+strength combo allows him to pretty much hold an OL off in the run game.

He’s not the freakiest athlete, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran in the 4.8s and I don’t think his 3-cone will be all the fast either. And he really has to work on timing the snap, he’s regularly one of the last players to move.

But he’s so long it doesn’t really matter. You’ll notice on tape that after one step he’s already ahead of the guys who got off quicker than him. And when he gets a clear path to the QB, he closes the space absurdly quickly. The QBs are spooked by how fast he can get there because his strides are like 8 yards long and his arms reach his knees.

Watching this guy play it’s hard not to think of Chris Jones. They look to be the same height and length and while Jones is probably 30 pounds heavier right now, it doesn’t look like it when you watch Wilson because he’s so strong it seems like he’s much bigger than he is.

I wasn’t really sold on him as an edge guy (unless we really lean into the 3-4) but as a DT convert I think he offers some interesting upside.


Is this a college player who I’m supposed to care about?

Considering he will probably be a top 10 pick (and go right around our spot), I would say so.

I don’t know enough about him yet, but don’t we have something similar in Cominsky and Paschal inside on 3rd downs? I personally would prefer a true 3 tech on the inside similar to a Gerald McCoy type of player.

Once again I just don’t know enough about Wilson to say one way or the other.


Thinking the same thing. Isn’t he a bit redundant with the drafting of pascal?

The type of player I think Glenn still wants to add is Cameron Jordan. That is the missing piece on this DLine. Wilson remind you at all of Jordan, they have a similar build and arm length.

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He is if you intend to use him as an edge and flex him inside in nascar packages. But if you make him a full time DT, he wouldn’t be superfluous at all. I know 275 doesn’t seem heavy enough to live in there, but this guy’s a monster. His strength is Suh level, and he might have the longest arms in the league. And if we need to beef him up, his frame could easily handle 10-15 more pounds.


Even though he doesn’t have the same build, I think Paschal was drafted to fill that role. Though the Saints like having a bunch of big edges (Jordan, Davenport, Hendrickson) and don’t really have a Houston type, so maybe we’re not building in their image.

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So you want to take a 6’6" 275lbs guy at #6 as a 3T projection? At 18? Okay. Not my preference but I could roll with that but I really doubt he’s there.

But at 6?

Myles Murphy is my #1 out of the guys that may be there. And I think you could slide him inside in some Nascar packages as well.

Personally I think Clemson’s defensive coaching negligence (overall really) offers some opportunities.

As for the Jones comps. I’ll believe it when Tyree’s womb broom falls out of his spandex at the combine. That’s the sign!

Myles Murphy’s athletic profile is much more similar to Cam Jordan than Wilson’s.

To be honest Murphy’s college production is similar to Jordan as well.

I like both Wilson an Murphy either will be fine with me at 6 I also think they will move along the line depending on down an distance. The Comish did that also an he is around same size he an hutch would play games with Hutch mo0ving inside an then they would twist on snap.

I Like idea of long an big edge guys I would like to add either one. they play a lot of 5-2 but did drop hutch did drop Houston
They would have used levi like them this year had he been healthy.
They have the big body in McClean an Buggs with one of them they woul;d have big an long either side Depends on FA an combine I wouldn’t mind a twin like Hutch on other end .

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I have also been high on him for a while……i was higher on him when DE was a more pressing need. I would be very happy if we got him.

I actually think Murphy might test more like Travon Walker. Probably not quite as athletic - but only because Walker blew it up so much it’s hard to imagine anyone matching it so soon - but in that same sort of tier.

Most years I wouldn’t be willing, but from say pick 5-20, I think the grades will be really close. You might be able to get a guy at pick 20 that you liked at 5. When that’s the case, I’m going with the guy with the most upside. For me, that’s Wilson.

When I compare Murphy to Wilson I just think Wilson’s crazed effort is much more in line with what we want our roster. Not that Murphy’s a dog, but he does take some plays off. I agree that Clemson’s coaching staff didn’t do him (or Bresee) any favors, but I don’t think we’ll be too worried about that (as Mike Tomlin said, that’s on me as a coach).

I’ll grant that Murphy’s a much better athlete than Wilson, but he doesn’t have anywhere near Wilson’s freakish strength. Murphy can move inside in the nascar package but he can’t survive there, whereas I think Wilson can thrive there.

And if I’m wrong, well it’d still be alright to have a high-motor, crazy strong, crazy long freak on our DL. I’m sure we can figure out some way to use him.

That’s what Renner keeps saying. We’ll see. I’m not expecting quite that. Cam Jordan’s combine was fabulous of course though he was almost 290lbs.

If it ends up being Wilson I’ll rally behind it. In Brad I trust. If we resign Comiskey I’m not seeing the near term fit but like you I don’t think we should be necessarily draft for year 1 returns.

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I’m not either but he looks like a better mover than Walker to me on tape.

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I think Murphy is more fluid than Walker.

I just think Clemson’s coaching and development have fallen off a cliff. I think yhere’s opportunity here with Murphy, Bresee and Simpson.

Though that opportunity is muted if it’s at 6.

Bresee and Murphy IMO have just about as a high of an upside as the two elite defenders. Much lower floor of course


I think Murphy does given the right development, for sure. Bresee I’m not so certain. He’s got great explosiveness going forward and really good raw strength too, but he’s very stiff and has almost no twitch. It’s an odd combination. To get the most out of him you absolutely have to have him exploding up the field, but NFL QBs are savvy and I worry they’re just gonna step to the side and there’s not anything Bresee will be able to do about it.

I also think Wilson has the same kind of upside. It’s just difficult for me to imagine a guy that long and that strong who plays so hard isn’t gonna have a lot of success. He’s a baby deer when it comes to some aspects of playing on the DL (Texas Tech coaching, gotta love it!), but his gifts are really rare.

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Huh. Agree disagree I guess. With Bresee I throw everything out except for the Freshman tape. And as a Freshman I thought he looked like a future star.

To me if anyone is Chris Jones like (a big long powerful DT with Closing speed it’s Bresee). To be clear I don’t think there is a Chris Jones in this class. He looks Canton bound.

Gervon Dexter actually has some physical similarities to Jones, but that’s where it ends.

Yeah I thought Bresee looked really promising after that freshman tape, but after his struggles this year I want back to it and I think you can find a lot of the issues that are cropping up now. He was much more explosive as a freshman and when he had a clear path to the QB, look out. Very few guys can move like him in space. But he was still sort of lumbering when he was stood up, and most often he beat guys by arcing around them in a wide-ish loop, using his sheer speed advantage (when he didn’t use his strength). There aren’t as many instances of him beating a guy in a short area, except at the snap using his upfield explosiveness.

Now I’m all for forgiving the first year back from an injury like he had (especially alongside the tragedy), so I’m not too worried about any struggles explosively, or with chasing down QBs. I fully expect that to come back. But I think he really might be a high cut guy with stiff hips.

If you can’t tell I’m in the midst of a deep dive on DL, so you’ll have to forgive some of my wordiness. I’ve got linemen on the brain.