Tyrell Williams waived

Lions waived WR Tyrell Williams.

Signed to a one-year contract in free agency, Williams’ tenure with the Lions comes to an end with 39 snaps and 2/14 receiving. Presumably cleared from the concussion protocol he’s been recovering from since September, Williams might land on a practice squad somewhere if healthy. Kalif Raymond and Amon-Ra St. Brown will continue starting in his place.

That signing worked out great! smh

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Making room for OBJ!!!


It’s official. We are signing Beckham!

Holmes has given me zero indication he knows how to evaluate the wide receiver position.


If we were signing Beckham, wouldn’t you keep Williams and play them together!? Both of them are injured constantly, so they both have that going for them.

I can’t imagine OBJ wanting to sign here. I think he will sign with a contender

So, a million bucks a catch?

Better than 2 million for no catches for Perriman…

It’s almost like people saw this train wreck coming. …


He’s on waivers and we have the top priority. He doesn’t have a choice.

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Yeah I get that. I’m just picturing him throwing a fit and refusing to play

Then put him on the exempt list and trade/cut him in the off-season. Odell has zero control and my guess is he would rather play and get a bunch of targets at least then cause a fuss. If Lions claim him and put him on exempt list they don’t have to pay him anything this year.


Pro: If he doesn’t show up, they still hold his rights and could trade him in the offseason

Even if Beckham doesn’t report to Detroit, and holds out, the Lions could put in a claim with the commissioner’s office and he could go on the exempt list. If that happens, the Lions would not be required to pay his salary and he would not count against their 53 man roster. Then, because they still hold his rights, could attempt to trade him in the offseason.


Guys, I don’t think Tyrell is the one who we need to waive to make room for OBJ…I think he’s just done.


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If I were GM I’d claim him, then put him on the exempt list just because, and tell him his dad best get busy reviewing tape on me.


I’m in the camp that I want nothing to do with Beckham. He would most likely be the best receiver on this team but that’s not saying much. Don’t see the point in a lost season. Now if we were contenders that’s a different conversation to me anyway

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Yeah but now with his contract and how cheap it is, it’s not about just this season. He would be on the team next year too as far as I’m aware. You have to look beyond this season when you’re evaluating whether you’d make this move or not.


I am thinking about next year as well. My biggest concern with him is he is a distraction in the locker room and I just don’t see him as a someone that fits a MCDC player. I would love to be wrong though


While I appreciate that concern, this team needs talent and assets. With Beckham you get the talent and if he’s disgruntled I still think you have an asset by shipping him out later.

To me this is a win win opportunity

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