Ugly looking depth chart with all the current injuries

Just have to survive till the bye week and maybe most of these guys will be back?
Plus the trade deadline is around that time.
I say bring in another DL!

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On defense having both Okwara’s and Mosely back would help. Buggs would be an upgrade over Jones.

Our o-line without Decker and Vaitai is worrisome. We can handle one injury on the o-line but two our strength because a possible weakness.


In pass rush perhaps. I think Jones is the better run stuffer.

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I rewatched the Lions, Packers game before the season. Buggs had a hell of a game. Played the run great and made multiple plays on a goaline stand.

Overall I think Buggs is pretty average and that was an outliner game. However, I haven’t seen anything from Jones thats says he should be in the starting lineup.

Well he’s a NT so I would think that the performance of the rushing defense suggests that he’s been performing his primary task rather aptly.

I have to be honest. I haven’t spent a ton of my focus on Benito Jones specifically. But aside from some QB run issues I’ve been quite happy with the run defense.

Atlanta will be a big test for them. Curious to see if the run defense holds up.

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