Uh-oh…. See Bucky Brooks Latest Mock!

The reason for the “uh-oh” is because this feels a lot closer to what I’d expect round 1 to look like. Brooks isn’t a Lions Den member mocking based on who he hopes might be there at 31-32…. Lloyd, Burke, Walker, Dotson, London, Olave, J Johnson, have too much key tape to last til the end of 1…. That said I’d love Hutch and Bell

I think Hamilton seems a tad low, but at the same time it’s possible that his preseason hype fizzled after a half season, and maybe teams don’t see a S Taylor clone that many posters are suggesting?

I think Ojabo looks a bit high, but given what he did while being so inexperienced could create an upside crush by someone. If he runs in the 4.5s it’s possible

David Bell honestly isn’t my favorite guy even though he torched us this year in college. He seems too similar to St. Brown even though he’s an outside guy. I’d rather get a Treylon Burks/Garrett Wilson/Drake London type of outside receiver.

(I know those guys won’t be available. Not my point. I’m talking about the type of guys they are. George Pickens is a good option there.)


I’m not sure I agree with you here. I like some of those guys too.

That said, there is something about WRs who can put this 10 catch 200 yards games together.

If you prorated Bells 2020 covid year, hed have had roughly 1200 yards and 7 plus tds per year from freshman through junior years in the Big 10…

He runs good routes, gets open, has strong hands and wins the battle to the ball.

I’d love Burks or London, but when they aren’t there I will take Bells tape and consistency.

I bet he runs a 4.49 and weights nearly 210

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This scenario I’m probably going with two UGA guys, Pickens and Cine with the late 1st/2nd.

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Jameson would tempt me in this scenario but I think I’d probably take Andrew Booth.

You want to take Cine at 34?

I feel the same way. I’d root for him but I’d be very very disappointed with taking bell at 32

I’d be all over Booth there, but I’ll be surprised if he falls that far. McCreary just measured with like 28 inch arms at the Senior Bowl, I think he’ll probably fall. A lot of teams care about CB length.

I saw Brugler’s tweet about McCreary

yes he is on my list of guys I would consider at 34.

2 things:

  1. If Nakobe Dean is falling that far, I guarantee Holmes tries to move up and get him using that 1st rounder and more.

  2. If they can’t move up, I think the Lions take Jameson Williams, not Bell, in this draft scenario.


I have been thinking WR Bell will be a great fit here. Tough, good route runner and great attitude. I support these first two picks.

If we were to follow that with a LBer and safety combo I would be really happy with those top four picks.

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I really like Cine when he’s going downhill. Don’t love him patrolling the deep middle. If he’s a replacement for Walker and we’re getting a true center fielder to go with him then I’d be open minded about it. I think I’d prefer to keep Walker and pair him with a JT Woods or Kerby Joseph type.

Sadly, I’m starting to feel like the Lions are in “no man’s land” with this second pick. And I swear this is like the third time in four years I’ve felt like this with a top 10 pick. A little ridiculous to be honest. I don’t want to bash Hock or Okudah, but four top ten picks should have netted us more than one superstar talent in Sewell. I think we’ll find a good player of course, so we’ll get better, but damn the torpedoes.

Its funny because I was just starting to think seriously about drafting Kyle Hamilton and then all these drafts start coming out with him dropping.


I’d be happy with the potential these two represent.

I like him a lot with our 2nd rounder, IF we retain Walker and are penciling him in at SS. In this scenario, I may opt for the utter explosiveness of Wan’Dale Robinson with 1B over Bell, then I’m probably looking at C Harris in the 2nd. Hutch/Robinson/Harris would be good with me. Re-sign Reynolds or maybe make a play for Allen Robinson if his bill isn’t too darned high. We get Cephus back and St. Brown can play anywhere with they way they motion him to get open. W.Robinson and St. Brown with Swift and Hock? 6’3 Reynolds on the outside keeping guys honest would be sweet IMO.

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I think that safety pair leaves a lot to be desired in coverage. I also don’t see Wandale as an outside WR. I think both Cine and Wandale are good prospects just don’t see either as great fits.

Nothing wrong w having two similar guys out there. There is a case for taking Philips in the later rounds and pairing him w ASB. Bell would be great in Detroit.

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Like I said……3rd round grade right now on Malik Willis……………and it’s a fact that mock drafters like to put certain players they know create energy higher in their drafts in order to generate clicks ie: Malik willis.

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On the other hand, Trey Lance was worth 2 first round picks to move up to #3 for the Niners. Is Willis that much less of a prospect?

Time will tell, and as you noted a while ago, his few days at the Senior Bowl will be significant.

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