Uncalled penalty on Chargers on game winning FG

Not that it matters but there should have been a flag on that game winning FG against the Chargers.
You cannot jump over the Center like this…

I know @Phunnypharm saw this.


Good call.


May have been one of those flag only comes out if he misses it situations. Thank God we didn’t have to find out if im right.


I thought that as well.


Thought rule was you could as long as didn’t touch anyone?

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It actually isn’t illegal.

The defense can’t line up and contact the snapper.

The defense can’t jump over any of the offensive line with a “running” start.

The defense is allowed to jump over the O line from a stationary position…. as long as the defender does not use another player as “leverage”.


I said the same thing to my wife as soon as it happened.

At the same time I also told my wife that if we were the “old Lions,” we would come back from the 2 minute warning commercial break with a retroactive flag for delay of game. We have been told repeatedly that they can’t go back and look at delay of game and whatever the call is on the field has to stand. But in the old Lion days, nobody gives a shit. So I held my breath hoping I didn’t hear “while we were gone for the break the refs got together and decided to call a penalty on the Lions.”


He had a running start. If he didn’t, that’s also a penalty…because it means he lined up over the snapper.

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Sorry but that is not correct.


NFL bans line leaping, approves ejections for head hits.


This rule was called on another team we were playing earlier in the year that lead to our game winning touchdown instead…can’t remember who though.

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Looks like he miss timed it to me unless he’s able to defy gravity

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Under the fine print of the rule, he’s allowed to jump as long as he is leaping from at least one full yard behind the LOS. That’s why you don’t see it much. Hard to jump four yards over a group of grown men while maintaining balance and full force ahead speed.

I think of it as the “Kam Chancellor” rule. He was really good at it.

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Where did you see that?

I forget who they were playing when they got the penalty in their favor, but the commentary team explained it on the spot. That’s the only reason I know the rule.

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The rule is you can’t jump over lineman because its dangerous AF. So it sounds like a team like the Packers was involved in the bullshit explanation.


It’s close…. the rule says he has to be lined up outside the snapper’s shoulder pads…. but he didn’t have a running start.


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Of course I’m just messing. I don’t think whoever explained that is correct either. I think the rule is pretty straight forward, you just can’t do it.

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