Undefeated it does not matter how you win! read the post

I just want to say it does not matter how you win as long as you win. Any team in the NFL is beatable on any given day. Enjoy the win and as always let’s go lions!


I will take ANY win and this one was a sweet win against a solid team at home. BIG win. I am enjoying this one ALL week!


Feel much better than yesterday.

Patricia refers to “Sloppy September” as the time to get things cleared up for the meat of the season. The Patriots are notoriously slow starters (not this year…WOW). It has been discussed how he views the beginning of the season as the “learning” part where you learn what you have and make the adjustments to get the most out of what you got. Just don’t want to dig too big a hole in Sloppy September

I am happy to be 1-0-1 right now. Better than 1-1 and a whole lot better than 0-2 as the people sayin “I see 0-5 as a real possibility” would have expected

Clean up the penalties, more adjustments…stay in the hunt through Oct and get it done in Nov & Dec

That is where their head is at

At 1-0-1 we are OK as long as we keep getting better

Agree jade!

I expected the Lions to go 1-4 in the first 5. This is a great start. I have concerns with this team IE Flowers being a major bust and I don’t think this team is good… but the only thing that matters is winning.


Flowers has been basically a non-factor in the 1st two games

Sure hope that changes. We need it to

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He single handedly got us off the field on 3rd down today. Flowers game does not translate well to the stat sheet.

I agree about the stat sheet. Which play are you referring to. Not doubting you, just want to look for it. When your at the game, without the announcers and far fewer replays, it is a lot harder to notice details, especially on the line.

Secondary play you actually see better at the game, but interior line play,…not so much

I’ll have to re-watch the game after work. Just keep improving week to week.

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You definitely would have needed the replay to appreciate what happened. It was 3rd down and they had an open crossing route over the middle. Flowers came from Rivers right hand side. Right as Rivers was releasing the ball, Flowers hit his elbow and screwed up the throw. Rivers was talking to the receiver as they were getting off the field like “dang, we had that!”


This team has had tons of beautiful close losses.

Gimme ugly wins over them all day.


And the congregation says amen!


Yes, I remember that one…

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