Upcoming draft

With premium picks I am not optimistic the Lions will draft the right players.We have had a rb.issue for many years and our current rb’s are mediocre at best,K Johnson will not complete a full season and Bo Scarbrough is not explosive enough, and David Blough is not and NFL QB.IMO. We need to take a top RB early or we will have rb…issue again.and sign either a veteran Qb or draft one.I am not not confident in Bob Quinn’s track record concerning the draft.

Straight out of the gate, I disagree on the RB’S.
Not that it wouldn’t be a good idea to draft one. Obviously, KJ can’t stay healthy enough to be a true #1. He’s not shit, just brittle, like 90% of the RB’s in the league. Bo is the real deal, too. McKissic fills the Riddick role, and can actually gain yardage running the ball.
Ty is the guy that may lose his spot to a new RB.
The run game made great strides in the right direction. The worst thing Quinn could do is over tweak the RB room. Every one of them is on their rookie deal, too!

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We should be taking Dobbins or Etienne in the 2nd or a guy like Taylor in the 3rd this year. We need a top shelf back and let KJ be solid #2.

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I agree mostly with what you have said. I was hoping the Lions would address it last draft but did not. We do not have a feature RB in the room. KJ is a nice change of pace RB, however he is not a bell cow and gets injured too much. Bo is a nice short yardage RB and can fill a gap for a while, but he is not a feature RB. McKissic is a 3rd down RB only, Ty well Ty is Ty nothing special. I think the Lions would be able to close out some of these close games with a true feature Bell Cow RB. That being said there is no RB worth our #3 pick. I think we will need to address it in round 2 or 3. I love Swift and Taylor but I assume they will be gone by our 2nd pick. I absolutely love Dobbins and I think he may be available with out 2nd round pick. If we miss on these guys I would suggest Cam Akers later in the draft. Other than that I think the rest of the RB’s available could be OK but none of them are for sure hits.

I think the Lions have more pressing needs than at RB. Such as almost everywhere on defense.

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This would be a divine #3 pick.

You think Taylor makes it to the 3rd round?

Depends how fast he runs. I haven’t watched enough of him to know better but it’s what I’ve seen thrown around these parts.

I’ll be watching him closely tomorrow against my Ducks.

I’ve mostly seen Taylor projected ahead of Dobbins.

Well then include him in my projection for taking a legit RB in the top half of the 2nd. :grinning:

He was a 100m champion in HS in NJ. He’ll time well

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Any of those three would dramatically change our offense IMO?

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I think the record of Quinn is mixed but above average. He made two big mistakes in Davis and Tabor and that skews his overall record:


  1. Decker - decent, not great (need for LT too great)
  2. Ashawn - solid (michael thomas)
  3. Glasgow - excellent
  4. Killebrew - ST, role player (my pick Matt Judon)
  5. Dahl - decent

Overall Solid Draft - B+.


  1. Davis - horrible (my pick TJ Watt starring as expected and no great options)
  2. Tabor - worse (my pick either Kamara, Kupp or Hunt would have fit the bill)
  3. Golladay - Home Run
  4. Maybin - ST, role player
  5. Agnew - productive

Overall - major mistakes in first two round make this a disappointing draft. Only Golladay make this draft a C


  1. Ragnow - excellent
  2. Kerryon - very good, not yet durable
  3. Walker - excellent
  4. Hand - excellent
  5. Crosby - contributing

Overall - great draft - easy A!


  1. Hockenson - very good
  2. Tavai - contributing positively
  3. Harris - contributing positively
  4. Bryant - too early, injuries
  5. Oruwariye - contributing early
  6. Johnson - no wiggle, needs to improve

Overall - Solid Draft - B+

When you look overall at his record it is very solid with only one draft less than solid. He made huge mistakes with Davis and Tabor, but most of the others are solid even if he missed the best talents available. Every team misses the best pick, but adding quality talent is the best way to judge.

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This i agree with competely!

I would love a new rb or wr. But we can’t afford them in the first 3 rounds. I’d take only defense the first 3 rounds unless the talent is just off the charts in favor of a skilled offensive player in the 3rd. I do like these OSU RB…

We can’t afford to close games as poorly next year. I’d argue that a running game is one of the best ways to improve in that regard so I think a stud runner in round 2 is worth thinking about.

WR I do get where you are coming from but we will need a slot guy depending on what DA does and MJ’s contract is up after next year. Therefore I think it makes some sense to take advantage of the obscene riches at WR in this draft. With as good as WR is in this class a 4th probably finds you a solid understudy to MJ


This is only my opinion but to me Quinn is poor revaluater of talent.,to not jump on Kenyon Drake was big mistake,ask Arizona,tho he is a free agent this year.Will Arizona let him walk?

I get this thought process but I must point out something. We lead in nearly every game going into the 4th quarter. With a solid run game we could have ground out each win and easily won the division and had home field advantage throughout the playoffs. By just adding a stud RB this team should have easily won the division.

I personally think RB is the one position we can add to give us the biggest impact.

I get that our defense was frustrating to watch. But… what if BQ spent our FA money on a solid DT, Edge LBer and a starring number 2 CB? Then in the drafted traded down (adding an additional top 50 pick) and then drafted a WR, OG and RB with his first 3 picks?

Just a thought … not specifically what I want him to do.


A lot of very good free agents out there that’s for sure. Hopefully BQ will be able to find some impact players that fit their scheme.