UPDATE: Lions sign 2023 CFL DPOY

There is a very good CB in the draft who played in CFL Stinger an he would help us .


Who would that be?
Or u just talkin out your ass again

Betts began his U Sports football career with the Laval Rouge et Or in 2015 where he recorded a nation-leading 12 sacks in eight regular season games played en route to being named the Most Outstanding Rookie.[(Mathieu Betts - Wikipedia) In 2016, he had nine sacks in eight regular season games, second-best in the country, and was named the Most Outstanding Down Lineman at season’s end.[(Mathieu Betts - Wikipedia) He also won his first Vanier Cup championship as part of Laval’s 52nd Vanier Cup win. He won his second consecutive J. P. Metras Trophy in 2017 and won for the third time in 2018, becoming the first player to ever win the award three times.[(Mathieu Betts - Wikipedia) He finished his fourth year of eligibility in 2018 with another Vanier Cup championship in the 54th Vanier Cup game.

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Betts is worth the gamble

Never talk out of my ass after the cancer operation. LOL so your wrong again Oh no bag I was lucky. You bring up guys that are to dam old an want to sign them for huge money that’s how we got in the deep black cap hole before. You need players like this guy if he pans out he is another Houston only little older. There is a good Canadian CB in draft also who \i would like us take in rd 5 or 6.

Qwan'tez	Stiggers  5'11" 203
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Glad your doing well and no bag yote

The only old guy I would want to sign would be Fuller CB 29. Give him 3 year deal but make it 5 with the void years.

Clowney is 31, I’d give him some $ but not many years

It would be great if their nickname was the Palindromes

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I could agree on Clowney cus age is not as important just the money. At CB i have a firm idea no CBs who will be 30 Yes few play well past but not many I have seen many hit the wall at 30 or just before.

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I hear ya but if we can get 2 years of #1 CB play I’ll take it.

Our window is now

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…will be open to varying degrees for the next 15 years…watch!

Believing in analytics would be a fandom requirement.

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Holmes is placing Betts on him being a starting caliber player.


It’s open now I will be watching

Maybe he’ll gift Hutch with one of nifty touques, eh? Like the ones Edge and Jacques Cousteau wore. Now, take off hosers.

Yeah, I just watched a bit of his highlight tape and thought the exact same thing: Quick first step, good speed, not much bend to him but has a good swat/swim move, has a good motor. I call it a swat instead of a club, when I think of a club I think of Reggie and nobody can replicate his club.

I’m all for giving him a shot but more times than not these guys don’t translate to the NFL.


Looks official now…


He played for the Lions last season as well!

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Just a Canadian Lion!


If he had 18 sacks B.C., imagine what he’s going to do now that all of our sins have been forgiven.