Updated Roster and Depth Chart!

Reliability, role and future. He’s too good to cut or make inactive, but also needs to be on a pitch count. That and he’s not part of the future. So, we need to add talent to the room, do you look for a gadget player that occupies RB3 or do you look for someone that will challenge Montgomery for the most carries?

That’s what I thought.
Good comments and questions on how Holmes will fill that last RB role, whether it be RB 1, 2, or 3.

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:wink: I like your thinking there. I’m not daring enough to show that open at the top, but the pieces would sure fit in nicely were an RB1 drafted.

Well, to clarify, I think DM starts as RB 1 no matter what, Swift and draftee will fight for two spot to start the season and reps will be earned further in we go.

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Forgot RB Greg Bell, IR entire last season, sill on 2022 UDFA contract

I marked him as having an injury settlement last year. Will have to see if he magically appears on the Lions roster.

Then we sign Gardner Johnson less than 24 hours after I said that…

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I read some place he has not been in for medical an has not been cleared to play thats why no tender for Kramar

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I always like this guys work better


I don’t like that at all.

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Now if only Gardner Johnson can beat out Will Harris…should be a real training camp battle. lol