Vegas Golden Knights @ Winnipeg Jets

Here we are, @WinnipegFan – the playoff rematch you’ve been waiting for.

I fully expect you to crush us, if I’m being completely honest.

Either way, I’m looking forward to it! Be sure to give me some pre-and-post game thoughts!

Well if it wasn’t for The Brosswall I’m not sure we have a win there, but I’ll take it considering the guys missing from our lineup.

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Yeah, he really stood on his head.

Very frustrating game to watch on my end, minus the snow mountain Fleury tried building at the end – that was classic.

Winnipeg just can’t decide what they are or not, it seems

Yeah funny that Toronto caught it and had the refs clear the goal line. I’ve never seen that before.

The funny thing about the Jets is that we haven’t really played well all season. Laine is streaky as shit and is in the dumps again, we are rolling through D injuries like they are going out of style, PP2 is outscoring PP1 recently, and it’s all looking a bit unpolished. Having said all that we are still top 5 in the league for points with games in hand, have the #1 PP in the west.

If we straighten shit out and play to our potential we are a clear cup contender.

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Yep, you’ve been my pick since before the season; Tampa vs. Winnipeg.

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Tonight we look sharp, Nashville is on their heels and Bucky looks big in the net. Depth scoring is a beautiful thing.

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I was just about to reply and say wow, great job with Nashville.

We’ve got Pittsburgh tomorrow. Hopefully Fleury plays hot because of it, our offense has been pretty unreliable lately, and the PP is in a(nother) 0-20+ cold streak.

Tonight has been a terrible night for exciting hockey LOL. I desperately need a distraction tonight and all the games have been blowouts.

I wasn’t expecting to crush Nashville, but I’ll take it.

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