Vegas oddsmakers on which RB goes first

Well I’ve been saying for months that my top 2 RB’s are Swift and then Taylor with a drop off to Dobbins and CEH in the next group, then Akers as my top 5 RB’s.

I have had a couple of posters tell me Dobbins is better than them all and that I haven’t got a clue.

Well … It looks like Vegas agrees with me according to BetOnline.

D’Andre Swift is most likely the first running back to leave the board at -190 odds,

Jonathan Taylor is the second +180

J.K. Dobbins is a distant third +1,000 to be selected first out of the running back class.

I will admit Vegas isn’t always right and neither am I. Sometimes draft projection is a crap shoot. It only takes one team to fall in love or feel a certain RB is the best fit for them. (I wouldn’t have taken a TE round 1 for example)

So I wonder who are your top 5 RB’s and what order do you think they will go in?

Here is what mine has been for a while now.

  1. Swift - I think he goes round one.
  2. Taylor - I really love this kids game and think he is a strong possibility in round two. Especially if we have an extra pick after trading down from 3OA. I think he would be the perfect pair to go with KJ.
  3. Here’s where I start to waver. I like CEH and Dobbins almost equally but I rank Dobbins 3rd because I think he’s a better compliment to KJ.
  4. CEH - If we didn’t have KJ I’d like this pick more.
  5. Akers - He actually reminds me a bit of our own KJ. A lesser version of him to be honest.

Let’s see yours…


Top 5 for us or top 5 overalll?
Taylor is tops in my book.
Swift is 1A.
My second group has four players in it with Dobbins, Akers, AJ Dillon and CEH.

Two of those four figure to be available for the 3-21 pick, allowing for us to fill some key positions before grabbing them, making those two most valuable to me for the Lions.

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I agree with your ranking. Swift is special and I think he probably goes in Rd 1. Jonathan Taylor though is the guy who really jumps off the tape to me. His long speed is phenomenal and he is rugged at 229lbs. He breaks tackles, is a one-cut downhill runner, has missed almost zero time to injury and will not be caught from behind. He was a back to back double state champion HS track star in NJ in the 100 and 4x100M. I don’t know if any of you had a chance to see OJ Simpson play in his prime, but that’s who Taylor reminds me of. He would be my preferred compliment to KJ.


I always assumed Swift and Taylor to be the first two off the board. Whadoino?

CBS Sports says this about them:

  1. Taylor

Draft Scouting Report:

Rating: 88


  • Checks the height/weight/speed box for RBs
  • Extremely durable throughout career
  • One-cut and go runner who can’t be arm-tackled


  • How much tread on the tire after heavy workload in college?
  • Doesn’t offer much in passing game
  • Fumbling an issue
  1. Swift

Draft Scouting Report:

Rating: 86


  • One-cut-and-go runner
  • Good contact balance and can accelerate to top speed quickly
  • Weapon in pass game


  • Needs to reduce fumbles
  • Needs to get better in pass protection
  1. Dobbins

Draft Scouting Report:

Rating: 85


  • Well-built compact back with good springiness and contact balance
  • Runs very hard thanks to his thick legs and powerful leg churn
  • Flashes ability to make multiple cuts
  • Specializes as one-cut runner
  • Some home-running hitting ability


  • Not super elusive
  • Good, not great vision
  • Not much initial acceleration
  1. Akers

Draft Scouting Report:

Rating: 86


  • Thick lower half
  • Light feet with noticeable burst once the ball is in his hands
  • Smooth juking ability, can make defenders miss with ease
  • Surprising power at the end of the runs
  • Above-average contact balance is above average
  • Flashes of big-play speed


  • Can get overly creative instead of just hitting the hole
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Reading those descriptions, I’d almost rather have Akers.

I like Taylor an the tread doesn’t bother me he will share an both will help reduce load an still have major threat in back field I like Taylor

Greetings fellow Den members…miss you guys, been a while. I hope you guys are doing well
and safe…And thanks for keeping me entertained and educated during this difficult time…Draft season is an exciting time that offers hopeful therapy to us long suffering fans, even though each year after I’ve studied players and picked my favorites we go in a direction that makes me almost scratch my hair out, but as Snoop would put “Back to the Lecture at Hand”.
I like all the backs listed and even before reading this post I liked Akers, not necessarily because I think he’s better than the others listed but because of his possible availability in the 3rd and liking his value there. And now after reading another scouting report on him, it further supports my interest…You guys think there’s solid chance he’ll be there for our 3rd pick?


“Perfection is perfected so I’ma let um understand.”

IMO, not a chance. There’ll be a run on RB’s starting in the twenties. I hope we start the run, not end up taking our 4th or 5th best RB cause we were beat to the punch.

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I’m a fan of Akers. He was a big time 5 star recruit out of HS but never got to shine at FSU because the program is in rough shape.

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What site did you find these odds at?

I’m gonna have to watch some tape on Swift.

Dobbins is A LOT more talented of a runner than CEH IMO. Not even close. CEH is of course terrific in the passing game though

If Quinn was able to trade out of #3 and get Simmons and Taylor with his first 2 picks, I would be very happy with that return. It would ease my hatred for BQ.

Taylor as your bellcow, KJ as your complimentary, and BO as your short yardage specialist. Position group goes from sub par to above average instantly.

betonline is the site, you have to go to NFL and then to futures. There’s another site that has the Top 3 in order with Tua as the odds on favorite to be the #3 pick, which means we would have traded out IMO.

Miami is -150 to draft Tua and Tua is -110 to go at #3.

Here’s the thing: I like a lot of these guys, but I don’t love any one of them.

I probably like Taylor’s size/speed ratio the best. We need a guy who can take a good gain on the first level and make a touchdown out of it instead of a 15 yard gain (who doesn’t). There were a lot of yards left on the field last year by our RBs IMO. And don’t get me wrong, having a tough runner like Bo helped us as well. He broke tackles, but neither Bo nor Kerryon are particularly great on the 2nd level. My concern with Taylor is he isn’t great at getting tough yards, but that would be mitigated by having others who are.

Any relation to ManeLion from the old Den Board?

I remember him, the guy with the big ole fu-man chu moustache.

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Yep. He had that “Wolverine” look going.

HEY Welcome back MahManeMan. has been awhile, hope you stick around.

And had his picture taken with Riley Reiff when we drafted him and he first got to town.