Vendor who sold concessions at Seattle XFL game tests positive for coronavirus

Vendor who sold concessions at Seattle XFL game tests positive for coronavirus

Michael David Smith

ProFootball Talk on NBC SportsMarch 5, 2020, 8:10 PM EST

A vendor who sold concessions at CenturyLink Field during the February 22 Seattle Dragons XFL game has tested positive for COVID-19, but authorities say it is unlikely the stadium employee spread the coronavirus to anyone at the game.

“We have worked with the employee and the operator of the stadium, First and Goal, to evaluate potential exposures at the Feb. 22 Seattle Dragons game, and we’ve determined that the risk of infection to attendees from this person was low,” a spokesman for Seattle’s public health department told the Seattle Times . “We are following up with a few co-workers with close contacts of the employee at the February 22nd game to provide guidance on appropriate precautions.”

The Seattle Dragons said more than 22,000 people attended the game. It is unclear how many people the part-time CenturyLink Field worker came in contact with, but health officials say those who attended do not need to be alarmed.

“There are no extra precautions are required for those who attended the Feb. 22 game or who will attend upcoming events, but all King County residents should know that the risk for infection with COVID-19 is increasing in our community, should be aware of their symptoms, and call their health care provider if they develop a cough, fever, or other respiratory problems,” the spokesman said.

Washington has been the state hardest hit by COVID-19. Of the 12 confirmed coronavirus deaths in the United States, 11 were in Washington.

Vendor who sold concessions at Seattle XFL game tests positive for coronavirus originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

An likely most of us came in contact during same time with some 10 people or more that had the flu

When the government says Don’t Panic,

It’s definitely time to panic

I don’t think it’s time to panic. It’s time to be very diligent about things we can do to make this as little of an issue as it can be. More people are certainly going to die but we do through hygiene and consideration for others have some ability to fight back. It does require everyone doing so however and that is going to be challenging.

Can you imagine how terrifying this virus would be if it was capable of airborne transmission rather than droplets and if it wasn’t sparing children?

As a dad I wake up grateful every day about the latter. Not going to lie though, I’m quite worried about my folks.

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To be clear I’m not advocating panicking, but I’m more like you realizing that it is better to be prepared than unprepared

I am however advocating that when there is a crisis the government does not have your best interest as its first priority, seen clearly by the absolute BS by the Surgeon General about not needing masks

To try and wrench this back on topic, I think there’s a strong possibility we will see a lot of cancelled National sporting events starting in a few weeks.

Like most of the other questions surrounding this outbreak, the interesting part about the sports world is what do you do for season ticket holders? How does this affect team revenues and thus current or future salary caps? Could even have a bearing upon free-agent Decisions by the players?

There will definitely be delayed sporting events. Or ones that are played for TV only.

I worry most about religious services since they are large gatherings with a higher degree of at risk folks than in your general population.

We’ve seen what it can do to a nursing home. I think it might have similar effects on certain congregations.

Clearly very trying times.

This thing is already in every state - the world is in denial.

China was a month behind this thing; 100,000 probably moved thru Wuhan… we are done worrying if, it should be whats next…

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To bridge off Weases point about government not putting citizens interests first
I saw some documentary on the Spanish flu of 1918
I believe they said the government was hush hush about the whole thing
And this was a true epidemic that nearly eliminated civilization
Obviously that would never happen today
But it does show that government first instinct is about self-preservation

The 1918 flu didn’t nearly wipe out civilization. It was lethal and circled the globe, but of the people who got sick, 1 in 5 died by the highest of all estimates. 20% mortality is high, but a long way from being something that wipes out the earth. The big shocker for that flu was that it killed healthy young people. Of course, you have to keep in mind that “healthy young people” in 1918 could mean something totally different to today. That healthy person could easily have underlying issues that made them more susceptible. Medical care then was nowhere close to what it is now, and sanitation and understanding of how the virus was spread was sorely lacking. Fun fact, you know how in old westerns they would show spittoons? It was actually the 1918 flu that ended that practice, people realized it was unsanitary and causing the illness to spread.

I am all for being prepared, and its the smart thing to do. However, the Surgeon General’s suggestion about masks is not wrong. They are pointless. Doctors wear a mask. While wearing a mask, they also wear layered clothes, gloves, and other forms of protection. The idiot wearing a mask will probably walk up and shake hands with a sick person who didn’t know they were a carrier, then rub their eye. Or eat later without washing their hands. I will say this, the Surgeon General outright lied on tv. He said they have not had anyone who has recovered from the virus get sick again. Not true, there was a woman in Japan who was sick, got better and was discharged, and then tested positive a 2nd time.

This thing is a form of flu. It can live on surfaces for 9 days. It does not just spread from direct contact, it spreads in the air, direct contact and for all we know, can travel by animals. It can take over a week for a person to become symptomatic, and even then, the early symptoms mimic the common cold. How many people go to the doctor for a cold? We also know, just because a person is exposed, doesn’t mean they will get sick. The person who was exposed, and didn’t get sick, is still a carrier. It can be on their skin, clothes, etc. They are still transmitting the disease, and they will never know it.

I work in a bank, and our bank is trying to take steps to “combat” the virus by cancelling meetings and handing out wipes. Keep in mind, on a daily basis, we handle probably the dirtiest surfaces that come in contact with everyone. Cash. Unless we are willing to shut down branches, (we aren’t) the idea that handing out anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer is going to stop us from getting sick is beyond wishful thinking.

As has already been stated, while this coronavirus is lethal, its killing people who are immuno-compromised either due to age or health. That is scary, but the mortality rate is 2%. The death outbreaks are happening in optimal virus hunting grounds, like that nursing home in Washington. Here’s the real truth though. For the 3400 people who died from Coronavirus, there have been over 18,000 killed this year by regular flu. We don’t do anything different in day to day life for flu. Its a fact of life, and its also far more dangerous and lethal. Coronavirus is something thats existed since well before this year, it just happened to become a really big story due to the outbreak conditions in China.

The way I see it, this virus is going to spread uncontrollably. Just like the flu does. You and I will be exposed, directly affected or know people who are directly affected by it. I already had a close call, 2 people who were exposed to the virus worked in a building that wife’s co-worker’s daughter worked in. My wife’s co-worker watches the daughter’s kids. Meaning, the daughter could be exposed, pass it to her kids, who pass it to my wife’s co-worker, who passes it to her office including my wife, and then me to my kid, my kid to his school, and everyone I have contact with at my job on a daily basis. Thats how fast it would happen, and it could be a week before anyone actually shows any symptoms to even know they were sick, and during that week I send boxes to different banks and employees and now all of them are exposed and spreading it. It turns out, the 2 employees have tested negative, so crisis averted. (for now). I am very worried about someone like my Grandpa, who is 92 and in poor health. Im worried about my Dad, who is 70 and in iffy health. Im worried about my buddy with a 2 month old. I know its only time before someone in a city with them living in it turns up sick, and then its up to nature vs modern health care.

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I get that and totally agree with you and Weasel about that. I have been underwhelmed and at times truly bothered by the administration’s response. I just didn’t want to cross the political talk Rubicon over concerns of where that might go.

I still believe its possible to have a discussion about politics in this world. What else would you rather have the government do?

For me the main thing I’m bothered by is that the administration’s messaging is not consistent with their experts. I don’t believe this is the time or context for alternate realities or political spin. It’s really important at times like these that we all can rely on the accuracy of the information that we are receiving from all parts of the Government. It should not be on us to have to know which communications to ignore and which to utilize for safe planning.

I do also believe that the administration was very slow to make preparations at home when the virus was still contained within China.

But we are kind of on the frontier here. Mistakes are to be expected as a result. I do believe that clear declination of consistent facts is not too much to ask however.

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Im not going to disagree mistakes weren’t made, I just think your options are extremely limited. I fully agree with the need to be transparent. That’s why I keep saying, people need to understand this is just like the flu. Its another varient. It’s not a Black Death level event, its not a 1918 fly event, and its not a global killer. It IS a problem, and measures should be taken and common sense should be applied, but the idea that if we all stay home for a couple weeks that everything will be fine is just wrong.

Did you guys see the guy in NH who was sick, told to stay home and instead went to a college mixer to get out and meet some people? That’s a guy who knew he was sick and chose to go out and have fun instead. He won’t be the only person out there who does that, so telling people to stay home isn’t the answer either.

Edit: Shame on me for the rare TRIPLE negative in my opening sentence…

Honestly, if the administration (really the President) stops disseminating false information than I really don’t have all that much to moan about. I’m not of the same political persuasion as the President but this is no time to be partisan. I want this to effect as few lives and families as possible so naturally I want a result that ends up being politically advantageous for the regime. I could care less about politics right now.

Not just politically speaking of course, but it’s always easy to say “We aren’t doing enough” or whatever. That’s why I ask people the question, what would you do? A virus isn’t going to be partisan. It’s going to affect all people equally. With how this virus spreads, how long the incubation period is and knowing people in general, it’s a rather perfect storm.

It’s callous to say, but lethal viruses you pray have a fast incubation time. That way, the host can’t live long enough to spread it very far, and the person may be too sick to get out and spread it. The fact this thing can sit out there for over a week, and that it takes people a week to even start showing symptoms, it’s crazy to think that a simple quarantine will do the job. It will help, so the measure should be taken, but the truth is this virus is out there a lot more than we know about. Not that Im advocating it, but if they forced everyone to go and get blood tested, I bet the results would be pretty startling as to how many people are infected and don’t even know it.

We always assume if I am sick, I can infect people and if I am not sick, I cannot. Its just not true. Someone out there will spread the virus from one person to another and never even know they were or are a carrier. It won’t be anyone’s fault, its just how these things work.

This is a political post. It offends me that lies are being printed here and I thought political discourse was not allowed.

It offends me that someone is calling out lies and doesn’t point out what the said lie is, and why it is a lie.

Good we are both offended. This is no place for political discourse. If you are supporting the administration or not, if you are complaining about how it is being handled, it is partisan and it is false. It is political and that is forbidden.

I don’t see any lies in this thread but I can certainly respect your right to want to come here and be free of political discussions. That’s why I was treading carefully in the first place and will cease with any virus centric posts from now on.

They have prohibited this. The mods need to remove it. Pdono has a site you can argue with the same people. Any person who complains the administration(president) is lying is partisan and a liar himself. That person is lying. Another might complain about the government and while true may be spreading disinformation. Some would say the dems don’t mind crashing the economy so they can get their people elected and they would politicize the coronavirus. So, the entire subject is political and needs to go away. Both sides will feel this way.