Very real possibility of Trevor Lawrence

Looking at our schedule I believe 3-13 is a very real possibility…

Possible wins

Home against Washington?

Home against Houston?

Home against Indy?

I don’t really see anything else very likely…What say you?

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I agree, I don’t see us winning more then 3 with our defense.

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We won’t win a division game either

I think we split with the Vikes…they are as bad as us!


We’ll blow it



I agree, but Cousin cut us like swiss last year.

You know I’m right. We’ll win in week 17 to lose the right to draft him. Seems like the Lionsy thing to do.


Oh I don’t doubt it for a second.

They are so dysfunctional right now. They are on the brink of imploding.

I think the lions can get revenge on the Bears too. I know they mounted a huge comeback, but they really aren’t that good.

I could change my mind, but honestly if we had a chance to draft Trevor Lawrence we’d absolutely have to do, and if not we’d have to hold out for king of all ransoms. And this is no knock on Stafford at all. But you have to pull that trigger.

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I think with MP as HC… we ha e a shot at the first pick

So I don’t really want him fired ASAP… I’m not watching anyway.

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Yeah but Cousins of this year has been putrid. Think he had a 0 QBR in the 4th quarter yesterday and had as many picks as completions. That offence is so bad our D may look serviceable…big maybe there but I still think we split.

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If they imploded and we could snag Zimmer as our next HC that would be ideal.

Getting Lawrence changes the franchise in so many ways. I am fully open to a tank. This kid is worth it. I would really never endorse a tank…but Lawrence is the best prospect since Luck so please tank.


Nah. Zimmer is a dinosaur like Patricia.

With the key difference being that Zimmer actually knows how to coach football

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We’re the Detroit Lions, Iggy. Zimmer despite his age would be a coup.

Yes. Zimmer is obviously a much better coach. You would probably be a much better coach than Patricia.Zimmer has a ceiling, his philosophy is stuck in the stone age, and he is very abrasive.

Admittedly I hate Zimmer and he is my most hated coach after Patricia. I cannot stand the SOB.