Vested Vets can be released

Example Brockers can be released he doesn’t go on wire he is FA an could sign but they agree to come back on Wednesday.

That would let them keep on roster lets say Iffi who could be back in few weeks . So Wednesday they could put Iffi on short term IR means he misses at least 4 games an then sign Brockers back on roster 53.

Teams do this with agreeable Vets. If they need a spot . Now there is a limit to this short term IR believe its 6 players an same one goes back it counts. Now if they think will be less they leave on 53 an say the first 2 weeks not ready they can move up from PS . 4 each game an they can go back to PS .

So when or if you see a vet released he could be resigning Wednesday. If your not vested you go on wire an can be claimed.

Many ways to keep an hide few players who are hurting like Iffi an julian an Moore

Would the said vet (in this example) Brockers dead cap accelerate once released?

If so, that wouldn’t make much sense.

While Brockers signing bonus proration would remain as is, he does have guaranteed money of $4M. So if you cut Brockers, you carry the $4M guaranteed plus his entire base when you re-sign him. Then you’d get a credit in 2023 for the $4M.

Best Vested Vets to use are the ones without guaranteed salary (J Davis, Funchess, J Jackson). Also CJ Moore and Josh Woods have only small guarantees ($250K and $500K).

But, yea, this is a really good strategy. Especially if they plan to IR-Return Levi or Julian.

If the cap is needed they could just push some money from a guy like Decker into the future to regain whatever accelerates into this year from Brockers.