Pretty sluggish day. Everyone is meh.

State got spanked by Penix (all pun intended) @BigNatty

U of M SLOWWW start

Lions… extra time off.

Does these extra days off help or hurt us? Do we still feel like we are the world’s greatest since we knocked off the champs or what?

I got Seattle jumping out to and early 10 point lead. Lions roar back by half time.


The answer will be clear to you 2 seconds into the Seahawks’ first drive. And that answer is no, doesn’t hurt us. If anything the 10 days gave people time to celebrate like we’re champions of the universe but also gave time to settle back down and remember who is coming to town.

Didn’t hurt the Lions I can assure you of that. A lot of bad taste coming out of that building, especially from coaches but also to all the players here who got their ass handed to them last year.

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Seems like a lot more than 10 days ago, that’s for sure. I don’t think the crowd will let them relax tomorrow. They dominate start to finish, in my opinion.


In my mind it almost seems as distant as the Packers win at Lambeau, as crazy as it sounds. And I was there! :rofl:


You’re not wrong. It has seemed like a long week. But the weights will balance tomorrow. Back to Sundays at 1 p.m. for the meantime. As Lions fans, that’s what our brains are programmed and wired for because they don’t play on any other days or any other times. :joy:

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I’ve got them jumping out early too… They’ll probably try to leave by halftime

Terrified of the beating that has already started to commence

Before the game against the Bills, Aaron Rodgers spoke about that. He talked about wanting all Sunday 1pm games but likes watching “the younger guys and fans” get hype for the primetime games.

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Last year, a lot of people expressed a sense of disrespect due to the Lions not being on any primetime or different day games.

I was called crazy, but I LOVED that about the schedule last year. Every week (except Thanksgiving and the flex), 1 p.m Sunday. Every week all season. I am in no way an expert, but felt that the consistency of the schedule was a great thing; because it trickles down to practice, travel, meetings, etc.


Lions 31 Hawks 23

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Hawks up 10-0
Lions roar back 17-13 before half

31-23 final I like it makes sense

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I’ll go crazy and the exact opposite for kicks and giggles.

Lions 17 Seahawks 14.

I have an advantage because I have been in a time warp and have already seen this game. So let me breadown how it unfolds.

1st Quarter - Lions win the quarter 20-0
2nd Quarter - Lions win the quarter 20-0, going up 40-0
3rd Quarter - Dan shows respect to the opponent and plays the practice squad, they only win the quarter 10-0
4th Quarter - Fans are allowed to come into the game and lose the quarter 7-0

Final = 50 to 7

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Oh Yeah Reaction GIF

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Just max bet it.
Thanks for the hot tub Time Machine.

Any powerball or mega millions inside info floating around ???

Never, ever have I seen the kind of attention from Michiganders and the news that the Lions are commanding. So electric!

Can MSU just end its athletics and call it good? They really are an embarrassment to the state. Seriously, get rid of it all. If they want something to do with their stadiums, do rodeos and call it good.

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