Vikes' Mattison says racist vitriol 'unacceptable'k

Anybody that can go into a room alone and come out as 2 people is definitely an alien.

" One might add that the latest scientific consensus witn data from the human genome project demonstrates that “race” is nothing more than a social construct

From Scientific American

2018 article in Scientific American, there is a “broad scientific consensus that when it comes to genes there is just as much diversity within racial and ethnic groups as there is across them.” And the Human Genome Project has confirmed that the genomes found around the globe are 99.9 percent identical in every person. Hence, the very idea of different “races” is nonsense."

That old political nonsense argument? Sorry, but that is just laughable. You see the problem with that argument is easy to see. There is no PREDICTIVE VALUE in claiming differences within racial groups as the same as differences outside racial groups. Take 100 average white people and separate the blue-eyed from the brown-eyed, you would not be able to reliably predict which group could run faster on average. Now take 100 average white people and 100 average black people, you would absolutely be able to predict which group would run faster on average.

Tell me, how many white guys are running backs in the NFL? Very few, why? Both white and black people love the NFL, so it’s not a culture thing.

Yes, I am that guy. Yes, we know there is slang, but your statement, taken in its entirety, clearly indicated you were saying there are no races in humanity. Here is what you said.
“If you’re a human racism makes no sense. We are all one race essentially”

That’s not the slang we normally use. “If you’re a human, racism makes no sense”, then you attempted to show your reasoning, and it was that “We are all one race” So no, it is rational to assume you were making an actual claim that there are no racial groups in the human species. But now, obviously, you are making your meaning clear, which is fine. There are clearly human races with very specific traits that are valuable in predicting other traits of that race. Clearly, you know this as it’s right in front of your eyes on a daily basis. Show me 100 black people with no alteration to their natural hair, could I predict if the vast majority of those black people have tight, curled hair? Of course, I could.
There is no reason to go to ridiculous levels of denial trying to show hate for other human beings of any racial group is wrong. Surely you must know how races in the animal world occur. Groups of animals isolated from other groups of that species change over time and develop traits specific to their groups. Eventually, change is so advanced that the two groups can no longer interbreed, that’s called “speciation” Asian and African elephants are a good example. They can still breed but the physical differences are already clear.

So yes, there are races of the human species. Hating anyone because of their racial differences is irrational, but it’s not rational to deny that human races exist in an attempt to show hating others is irrational. You don’t confront irrational ideas with other irrational ideas.

Some would say it is

Cultural systemic

And in terms of speed and stereotypes

I could see the same argument presented as to who could play QB

I mean , not who could play it
But who was allowed to play QB

Anyone who said it is would be wrong. White and black people love the NFL. White men want to play in the NFL the same as Black men want to. I once saw a TV report years ago and the left was freaking when a doctor said he could tell the race of a person by the way they jumped off of his pressure pad for measuring the foot pressure during a jump. They set it up and he did just that, very easily. The lefties about lost their minds, lol. Come now, everyone on this board knows why 99 percent of all NFL running backs are black and I have no doubt you know as well.

You also know for a fact that science can examine bones in the crime sciences and tell you with a very high degree of accuracy what “race” the person was. There are many different and predictable traits between human races, this is obvious and denial of it borders on insanity. No need for anyone to deny physical reality for any reason.

You don’t speak for me

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I never hate people because of their ethnicity. I only generally hate people who talk too much :yum:

(just kidding. It’s only mild disdain)

Tell me, why did coaches and coordinators begin involving qb’s running more about the same time more black qb’s began to arrive in the NFL. Are the best running qb’s in the NFL right now black men? There are and have been some good running qb’s who were white, we are not talking 100 percent, but clearly, the vast majority and the very best running qb’s are black men. Show me some white qb’s who can speed like Fields, Vick, Hurts, The reason there are now more black qb’s in the league is obvious, their traits have been taken into account and adapted to the qb position
And nearly all running backs are black for the obvious reasons of physical; traits, to deny this is simply ludicrous, and no doubt you know this as everyone else here does.

as long as it’s not hate, lol. Now, my question is, will you hate the Seahawks if they whip our Lions tomorrow? I fear we could be in for a tough fight because they will be wanting to avoid 0-2 very badly

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And one more thing, I will HATE the people doing the polls if they don’t make Michigan No 1 come Monday morning. Georgia was down 14-3 at halftime to a non-ranked SC team. I don’t see how they can avoid moving the Wolverines up to number 1. I will HHHHAAAAATTTTEEE them if they don’t

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I already hate the Seahawks. So the answer is yes

You definitely don’t speak for me