Vikings just fired DeFilippo

Like you do … when your offense is garbage, and should be better than it is.


I’m going to bet we’re waiting for the pats season to be done so we get the assistant to mcdaniels, probably Jerry Schuplinski

Should not stop there. Hard to overlook Spielman deeming Cousins worthy of 3yrs/$84 mil.

They wouldn’t have done it if they knew Cousins was going to pout.

Proves Shurmur was the man behind the success of last year’s offense. Also proves Washington was correct in only paying him until they could replace him.

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They need to hire our goalpost coach


That goalpost coach should be our assistant head coach with the success he’s had this year.

Spielman is a solid talent evaluator even if his M.O. is just to riff off of draft magazines. :slight_smile:

I guess whoever they got to replace DeFilippo knows what he’s doing, huh?