Vikings take on our draft

After hyping themselves as the favorite for the north.

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Jim Souhan, Star Tribune

Sat, April 29, 2023 at 5:10 PM CDT

The Vikings’ brain trust continues to set precedents. Never, before Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell took over, had a first-year Vikings coach and general manager won 13 games.

And never, before Thursday, had a Vikings GM, asked how late he was going to work into the night during the NFL draft, indicated he was headed not for a pull-out bed in his office, but for a night spa.

“You know, I’ve been told I’ve got to go home,” Adofo-Mensah said. “The home sauna has been turned on. I’ve got to go in for 30 minutes, get up and do it again tomorrow.”

There will be grizzled Vikings fans who remember Bud Grant, Jerry Burns and Mike Zimmer, and would prefer the general manager to reference beer, whiskey and shooting animals whose heads could be displayed in a hunting lodge.


This is a new era, featuring loafers without socks, midnight steam rooms and conspicuous geniality.

These are still early days for this regime, but this is what Adofo-Mensah would have been thinking in that sauna if he weren’t such a positive guy:

“Next spring will be like this spring — we’re going to win the division, and still not know who our quarterback of the future is.”

The Vikings have barely begun to install their systems, they got little immediate value out of their first draft, they chose a 175-pound receiver in the first round of their second draft, and they are positioned to dominate the NFC North again.

Before KAM and KOC arrived, the Vikings hadn’t won the division since 2017, and had won it just twice since 2009.

In 2022, they won the division by four games. In the last week, they might have expanded their advantage.

“The Detroit Lions, darlings of the national media? They had a slew of players suspended for gambling, then used the 12th pick in the draft on a running back, traded the last running back they mistakenly spent a high draft pick on, and used the 18th pick on an inside linebacker. This is like buying fuzzy dice and a subwoofer before you own a car.”

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Darlings of the national media :rofl: That’s a new one.

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Also, a slew of players? It was like three…only one of which mattered to the team enough to keep. This guy isn’t a very good writer.


I love it. Can’t wait until they get their butts kicked by their hitch-hiking foes from the Motor City.

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Only problem is, Sheila already let Brad design and build his very own Mustang. Speed that’ll leave you speechless. All he was missin was his dice and subwoofer. Look out!


Hope they get forced to play us on thanksgiving


Just going to make the Lions want that W even more.

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What a ■■■■■■■ asshole.

When Detroit kicks the shit out of them again can someone please bookmark this, and send Little Jimmy Souhan an email reminding him of this poorly written, un-objective trash?


It’s better when they’re like this. We’ll get much more enjoyment out of taking their soft asses down.

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I don’t get the parts about the sauna, hunting, and bad Viking drafts.

Just give me 6-0 in the division and I will be happy.

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Does it seem to anyone else that he is just $#*&ing all over everyone in this? He simultaneously calls the coach and GM stupid, lazy, and part of a younger generation that is loathsome. Then goes on to lament the uncertain future of the franchise and then takes another dump on the recent draft classes. And then if that wasn’t enough, he mentions the background of losing football prior to the success of this past season. But instead of taking the opportunity to give the guys he just crapped on their due, he instead goes on to say that winning isn’t good enough, they should have done better. All of this before a very hacky mischaracterization of the offseason happenings of his team’s cross division rival.

Just wow.

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The team that paid a back up TE $7 million AAV…
a FB signed for $4.325 million AAV….
and gave a record guarantee for a long snapper….

has a writer taking shots at Lions drafting a RB….
who will make less than 1/2 of their RB (Dalvin Cook has a $14.1 million hap hit in 2023).

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Shallow analysis by that writer

You all are not understanding what this means.

Dat dude is scurrrrt of us.

Genuinely doesnt want a fricking piece of what we are dishing out.

Y’all need some psych class refreshers…this is your 9 yr old grandson (or son, depending how gray you are) telling you how much he haaaaates little Jenny Larsen in his class…over and over every time you talk to him…

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Done. Have it as a PDF. Might send it to him if the Packers and Bears kick his ass too.


Guess we’ll see on game day.

snickers, shits self…