Vikings WR KJ Osborn is a UFA after the 2023 season

While the Lions don’t have a crying need at WR for 2024, he’s a player worth taking a lot at. From the Lions games of the past 3 seasons, it seems he’s constantly beating our secondary and making big plays.

His stats are reminiscent of those of Jamaal Williams before the Lions signed him, i.e. very solid and consistent:

And he’s one of those guys like Kalif Raymond, who might benefit from a change of scenery:

Leaf’s going to be 30 years old before the start of the 2024 season and, while he’s not shown any signs of slowing down yet, Osborn might be a good addition at the right place.

The one question we don’t know the answer to: is he a Dan Campbell type of guy?

What does our WR contracts look like next year?

On another note…

Jefferson looked done with the Vikings yesterday. Just… done.

He a team guy, will say all the right things, but his body language said enough.

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Josh Reynolds will get resigned before they even look at Osborn IMO.

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The Vikes have a ton of decisions to make, starting with Cousins. If they dont make the playoffs, i could see them doing a rebuild.

People thought the same thing about Jamaal before the Lions signed Monty.

But, I agree. Reynolds has performed at a high level this season with lots of big plays:

I’d like to see him back. But, there would be a roster spot open in DPJ does not return and/or the Antoine Green experiment is deemed a failure.

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APR 25 2023–Minnesota (MIN) exercised a $19.743M option for 2024

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ARSB likely #1 on the list to get a big fat extension.

Raymond under contract.

Jamo under contract

Green under contract

Bringing Reynolds back is probably more likely than any FA spending.

No chance I’d spend big FA money at WR
Spend on D-Fence please …

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I don’t think anyone was suggesting big FA money at WR.

I think wr is a need.

Draft is pretty deep this year, probably go that way instead of signing one.

My thought is that the Lions are probably going to need a No. 1 CB (assuming they don’t trade for one or acquire one in FA), a LG (assuming JJ commands a higher market than the Lions are willing to pay), an Edge (trying to get someone better opposite Hutch), another CB, and a backup OT.

A FA WR, at the right price, would allow the Lions to address those needs with 4 picks in the top 96.

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It looks like Khaliff is under contract through next year anyways.
DPJ and Reynolds will not be.

Are we saying he kind of holds out for a new contract?

Or is it common for players to get a new one with a year left? I should know this but I feel like the game changes all the time. And this is one area I have never focused on.

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