Vincent Jackson’s wife speak up

Nfl is all money ? They really care hit to head ?


The thing that surprises me most is that helmet technology isn’t better.

Love this woman, her dude, and her babies

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I understand he is staying in hotel to be not a distraction to kids , but I am not sure if she was worried about him much when he was in hotel . If it’s true love you do follow up with your spouse wherever they are . Just my take that’s all

Yeah we can never know what other people are experiencing though. As far as we know she reached out to him 10 times a day and/or she didn’t know what was going on

Biggie…. Helmet only do one thing and in football is not very likely to happen anyway: Helments stop things from penetrating the human skull and into the Brian. They can also help stop things and impacts from cracking the skull itself.

It is impossible to stop concussions

Can’t be done with helmets as the helmets actually disperse thee energy forces vs stopping the effect of gravity…. The floating brain is not designed for football…. We made the game up and it goes against the way the body is made and what it’s actually defined for….

Honestly, it’s like telling your daughter that only way to NEVER get pregnant is to be abstinent- period

If you play football, you will damage the brain to some degree and at some point it will become irreversible…,

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I see the truth is in the middle. I agree with what you say, about the floating brain and rapid course direction change, and I also feel that if a helmet had multiple layers to it to absorb and defer energy, it would re-distributed away from the head to begin with. You’re still going to have the rapid course change of direction, but it’s going to be detensified exponentially

Can’t agree with any scientific way to make the game safe brain injury wise…

Imho we are seeing history repeat itself…. This game was once on the verge of teddy Roosevelt banned it in the US

Here’s the first part:

Humans are selfish and addictive by nature…. We want to do it even when it’s unsafe… we are trying to “feel” the rush, feel alive and it fails every time as that rush is only temporary…. But we keep trying…. Now add money power and fame to it…. Football is an addictive thing, no different than drugs…. The players and fans will literally fight and die for it…

And I say this knowing I still watch it,

But, if they ever outlawed it or as they keep making up more rules, I’m cool with it…

Honestly I wish everyone had to go they recovery and the 12 steps ….

As I always say there are only two types of people:

  • those in recovery and that know it

  • those in recovery and don’t know it

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Not talking about safe…safer.
If exterior of helmets had multiple pieces that could slide left/righ up/down, as well as had some give to them. Energy transfer, before it gets to the human.

Smart cars are not safe because they have no crumple zones. It’s like a roll cage where all of the energy transfers directly into the ppl.

A mid size sedan has a crumple zone that absorbs and transfers energy before it ever gets to the human. Think honeycomb look with small spaces between the honey combs that float. Keep them slippery like the helmet currently is, so they can slide off one another. Also have muuuuch more give to them, so there’s not only energy transfer, but a crumple zone effect

Honestly no helmets would probably be safer.

I don’t mean to divert the thread but:

A diagnostic (while living) tool for CTE is badly needed. Biotech needs to get on that.

I would imagine there is nothing worse than not knowing why your mind is changing on you. Not that knowing solves the problem but I’d definitely rather be aware of the why with certainty.

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yep because people would play safer at a lesser speed. you can make the helmets do whatever you want but the sudden deceleration of your head is going to cause brain smack anyway.

best way is to install a valve in your skull and fill the space between the brain and skull with a nice gel like you use in shoes. :slight_smile:

Hit the nail on the head (oops). I’d say 95% of amateur football players think: “I’ve never been concussed, I’m not at risk”. But CTE isn’t all about concussions. I’d bet some people are prone to it, others not.

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