Vincent: Second call on Lions' Trey Flowers was no foul

Less than 24 hours after the conclusion of the Green Bay Packers23-22 win over the Detroit Lions on Monday night in which a pair of illegal use of the hands penalties against Detroit defensive end Trey Flowers proved crucial in the outcome, those calls came into question Tuesday during the Fall League Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent detailed that the penalties were looked into following the game and that the second penalty against Flowers should not have been called.

“We opened the floor up for any questions, anything that we need to clarify. It was a late night last night,” Vincent told reporters. “There was a pool report that I’m assuming most have read. There was one that was clear that we support. And there was another that when you look at it, you review the play, not something that you want to see called. In particular the pass rush. One that you could support, the other one clearly after you review it, you’ve seen some slo-mos, the foul wasn’t there.”

Vincent clarified that it was the second illegal use of the hands penalty in which there was no foul.

On the first penalty, in which Flowers was cited for illegal hands against Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari, the drive was extended and ended with a Green Bay touchdown in the fourth quarter.

The second flag against Flowers came on third down – like the initial penalty – and extended what ended up being the last drive of the game and concluded with Mason Crosby’s game-winning field goal.

Not addressing anything else is the same as a lie! There were 3 third down plays in the last 3 series, two bad calls, one non-call that affected the outcome of the game and all favored the Packers!
You can’t just ingore that!


Oh, so, our player’s can whine to the officials and start getting calls?

And unfortunately that acknowledgement doesn’t help the Lions whatsoever. Its intent I’m sure is to try to move past any national controversy ASAP. Just another illustration of how biased things are against the Lions is the fact that the NFL Network isn’t even listing that fact among their headlines scrolling at the bottom of the screen right now. In other words the complete screwjob to the Lions isn’t even a headline as far as they’re concerned or the formal acknowledgment of the error even though it was simply one of many egregious calls or non calls

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Bunch of bullshit. Pull up the film and show me how you support the first call.

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They obviously thought this through knowing that they had to accept blame for something and went with the second HTTF knowing that this would provide some level of satisfaction to the masses.

So of course now they can say that even without that call the Packers would have still had a chance at a FG to take the lead, with only a minute left for the Lions to try to go back down and score a FG of their own.

It leaves it all open ended.

If they accepted blame for any of the other call, most notably the first HTTF, it would have meant the TD the Packers scored on that drive would not have happened and most likely would have lead to a Lions win.

Way more substantial.

It’s just more bull shit being shoveled down out throats.

They should be made to publicly explain the list of the 7 egregious calls, non calls, non reviews that have all been listed. With video, in slow mo.

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The first call against Flowers wasn’t a foul either…:man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6:

The biggest problem with the 2nd call is it ended the game. Refs have typically shied away from making calls like that in that situation, even if Flowers did commit the penalty. So making that call shows where the refs mindset was. He was perfectly okay with handing the Packers the game on one of his calls.

The biggest problem is they were successful in framing this as though there was only 1 legitimately bad call.

Easy easy to overlook 1.

There were more than 1, though. That whole squad of officials should be suspended.

The fact that a player influenced a ref to make two phantom calls should be a monstrous red flag. He should not just be suspended, he should be dismissed.

It would be interesting to analyze this crew for the rest of the season, and that referee in particular, to see how many more “hands to the face” he calls. And then review the film of every single DE/OT interaction he was responsible for to see if he holds the same standard for HTTF for all his games.

Agree…i would also like him to answer to why he never called it the other way when there is photographic proof of hands to the face on Flowers and other D linemen from the same game.

I have no idea how to check it but watching live it looked like Snacks was being pulled down by his facemask (right in front of the ref) while the ref was flagging Flowers for hands to the face. It was full speed and I know angles can make things look differently but I would love to look back at that full play and watch all the lineman in action slow motion.

oh, you mean like when Snacks was being hooked around the neck from behind by KCs OL while the RB whose knee was down right in front of Snacks was given a game winning TD ?

I would love for somebody to put together a photo gallery of these shots. If for no other reason than to give me something to pee on and to repeatedly show my Packer fan relatives that keep saying it is just whining.