Wade Phillips as DC?

His contract is up and it sounds like they might not want him.

Hilariously enough Joe Barry has been running more of the defense in LA of late.


Fine by me.

I very much want to get a D coordinator in here who isn’t just a yes-man to Patricia. Who will challenge his (obviously flawed) ideas.

That should be the desire of ownership, Rod Wood and Bob Quinn, too. But we all know how this organization operates.


How about Dan Quinn?

This! Both Quinn and Patricia need someone that isn’t afraid to out them in their place. It’s a growing thing for first time management.

Not sure about good old (emphasis on the old) Wade, he’s had elite talent everywhere he’s been successful as a DC over the last 10 years. The Rams defense is not good either

I thought about Dan Quinn about a month ago as well but at this point the way that Atlanta has continued to play hard in the second half of the season and is winning games frankly I would be surprised at this point if he’s fired

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I’d love Wade Phillips as DC. We’d be aggressive on D and after this year that’s enough for me.

I don’t really see him and MP as philosophically compatible though

I want Patricia to continue as the de facto DC. PP can come or go, I don’t care. It’s Matt’s scheme and team. May he succeed or fail on his own merit. He and Quinn are supposedly in lock-step, so let’s see them progress on their own terms with scheme and personnel that fit what they’re comfortable with. If that doesn’t work, then they’re both out of here and we can talk about Wade Phillips as a HC/DC.

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