Want to see an insane Dan Campbell statistic?

He’s already 2nd in playoff wins in franchise history.

After three years. Unbelievable.

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And the really crazy thing is, that in a couple of weeks, he could be #1.

It’s possible.

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Rolling National Football League GIF by Detroit Lions

Guess this guy avoided post season so would not be bottom of the list.


Really? Where have you been?:laughing:

I’d call that a crazy-sad Lions stat, rather than an insane DC stat.

The franchise joined the NFL in 1930, relocated to Detroit in 1934 and have been known as the Lions since then.

90 years and their coaches have maxed out at 3 postseason wins.


It’s rocket science. You wouldn’t understand.

True. It is dividing by 0 and 0 real and imaginary.

No, that is completely believable to any Lion fan who knows Lion’s history.
And says it all when it comes to WCF as the owner.

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He made the Wall Street Journal.

“The Loud Man Who Made the Detroit Lions a Super Bowl Threat”.

A 31-23 win over Tampa Bay puts a once-forlorn franchise in the NFC title game versus San Francisco

“Campbell, a burly, 6-foot-5 former tight end who looks like a duck hunt in human form, was unveiled as Detroit’s next head coach—another unfortunate sucker, hired to minister to a hellbound franchise.”


My God, 9 total playoff victories in damn near 100 years.

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