Warning... Don't read this post...Warning

Well, time to report another day from the Sphere.
Firstly, decided that somehow the word Sphere triggered a response of negativity in some readers (1) . So, decided to give a warning so some readers(1) could avoid being bothered . Dusted off my old heading, and, voila, no more negative triggering !
Been a busy week here. Rained a lot. All of the Spheroids were getting distressed at the water raising to uncomfortable heights. Decided to offer one of my trees as a place to climb up out of the reach of the water. Llarry the Llost Llama Lleader, said one tree wasn’t enough. What would his herd do to be safe. Thinking it over, I decided that what harm would it do to offer more trees. This problem solved, we were presented with the fact that Llamas can’t climb trees. So, using a block and tackle, we hoisted all the Llamas up in the trees.
The rest of the Spheroids settled themselves in to await the dropping of the waters. Unfortunately, none of us thought that the flood would last as long as it did ! No one brought food or drink. The Llamas’ got desperately hungry, and started chewing on the leaves and twigs of the trees. I shouted at them to stop, they wouldn’t, so I threatened to come over there give them a real piece of my mind! I started to climb down but Llarry said don’t do that and pointed to the Piranhas swimming around the tree bases . They had gotten flooded out of the reservoir and were waiting below in case someone fell out of the trees. Not good!
Anyhow, the Llama herd continued to chomp on my trees, and I couldn’t stop them. In fact, they seemed to be getting high on the fodder. I couldn’t figure that out until Llarry said that my trees were Sugar Maples , and chewing the leaves and twigs had a real soothing effect
on his charges. It took a while for me to absorb this fact because Llarry had a mouth stuffed with the fodder, and it was hard to understand him. That, and the incessant giggling !
So, I threw my hands in the air in frustration and just about fell out of the tree. I really clamped hard on to the tree to keep from becoming dinner for a rank bunch of Piranhas. I sat and looked at my Maples getting denuded and cried.
By the way, if anyone knows the way to the Sphere, please get a good sized boat and stop by to rescue us poor Spheroids. I would appreciate it !

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