Warren Sharp likes the lions (not crazy about AG)

Warren Sharp critical of AG for poor D:

Lions coverage starts at 5:50; AG coverage starts at 7:30


With Benito Jones, Cam Sutton, and Kindle Vildor/Jerry Jacobs no longer starting, we should see the real AG this season. It’s swim or sink.


My mind read Warren Sapp.


had to do a double-take and go back to the top of the article


Well said.

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Not a big fan of Warren Sharp.

Don’t agree with him on the kicker.

First time the talent level of the defense has me excited instead of terrified.


We need to invite Warren to post here apparently.

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Just watched now. Didn’t find anything he said objectionable, unfair or disrespectful.


I’m getting irritable, brother… But I think it’s just withdrawal symptoms.

Need to see some Gibby and Fox out there

You missing me that much?

I’m often vocal about how I feel like this year has to be the “prove it” year for AG, but I don’t feel like Sharp’s analysis was valid. The secondary couldn’t hold coverage last year. They just couldn’t. AG was forced to send those blitzes more frequently because they couldn’t cover. I don’t believe that blitz rate is something that should be held against Glenn. The coverage was abysmal and he was kind of forced into it.


that reminds me: it’s wednesday. my mindfully drinking ass gets to have some beers tonight



I think he knows the chicken/egg thing is a factor, but how much time could they really commit to dissecting the defense. He does think they’re going to get home to the QB more, which will obviously have cascading effects (even if not stated in that video).

We have seen flashes on defense. We had a few games last year that were outstanding. No one could run on is either. We had a top 5 run defense. I’m optimistic this is a top 15 defense, could be top 10 if Reader and Houston are healthy and back to form.

The rookie corners will also be a big factor… how fast will they develop? Hard to say. Rookie corners have been known to take some lumps.


100% agree, we know the offense is going to be good I want to see how this defense comes together.

A lot of young talent in that secondary which gives us reason to be optimistic.


Yes, this is what I was curious about. What is the counter-argument, and this seems to be it. Thanks!

I dunno. I really don’t. In terms of my “sense” of things, yeah, I agree with you.

But Sharp is saying that your impression that the secondary - and D, overall - couldn’t hold up without the blitz is mistaken. He says they were close to average when they didn’t blitz, but terrible when they did. That they really should have blitzed much less, which is on Glenn.

He may be wrong, but your rebuttal doesn’t rebut.

I do think it’s the rare coordinator who doesn’t have his strong inherent preferences QUITE APART from what actually works. Sean “The Genius” McVay loves to call pass plays even when the running game is working better. Ben Johnson can be too clever by half w/his play-calling at times.

Aaron Glenn wants to play man-to-man and likes to bring heat thru blitzes. He’s aggressive - just like he was as a PBowl corner. I think it’d hurt his soul not to oversee a very aggressive defense EVEN IF that more reactive D was very effective.

Wade Phillips was a rare coordinator who, apparently, was fairly agnostic about scheme and organized his defense according to the strengths of the players he had at hand.

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Probably “right now, over me” if I had to guess.