Was there another game played beside Dallas/GB?

Listening to some of the morning “National” football shows and have come away wondering if the Lions actually played yesterday. It appears that Dallas/GB was the only game played over the weekend. Literally on one show 3 hours dedicated to the Dallas/GB game.

I get that Dallas is a big story (or more specific ally their epic. Collapse), but DAMN! These shows are supposed to be national shows.

Makes the loss by the Cowboys all that much sweeter.

Must be the shows you watch. The two that I’ve watched have focused on the Lions and Rams.

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Fun Fact: Every time the Packers play the Cowboys, the ghost of John Madden appears, draws a bunch of nonsense on the screen, and compares everyone to Brett Favre and Troy Aikman.

Credit to NFL network good morning football, they opened with Lions. Unsportsmanlike show and Get Up with Greenberg had zero mention of the Lions as I could tell.

Well also, the Dallas game is a bigger story because by losing they are likely firing their HC which is bigger news and has some legs. I am fine with it all. After next week, it will be the Lions and some other team about to feel the roar :wink:

The Lions will get theirs. Keep winning and you will be the only one left to discuss. No worries.

I mentioned last night that one positive thing today if the Lions would have lost is that most of the focus was going to be on the Dallas game. Unfortunately, the same is taking place with a Lions win. Whatever, they won’t be talking about Dallas next Monday.

I recorded GetUp to see the Lions coverage but you nailed it, nothing but Cowboys all show.
I so rarely watch shows on ESPN, now we go back to that, other than live sports.

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