Washington Redskins

Can the beat the Boys in week 17?

Nope. The question is who will they draft at #2

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Dan Snyder will go w the sexy pick…and unfortunately for us…the right one…

As bad as they are they will draft BPA and that will be Young for sure. The lions will probably draft the CB from OSU. I’m sure Quintricia wants to get rid of Slay

And don’t expect a rookie CB to make much of a splash either so next year our defense will be equally dismal

Top five pick coming in 2021 under the new regime

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Spot 3 seems like a good trade down spot for someone who wants Tua. I’m still hoping for a Skins victory. The awful play of Dallas gives us hope.



Get rid of Slay, draft rookie CB = Net negative.

But you know they’ll be some on here applauding it as a genius move by Quinn. You know, cap space and all.


Yep, I agree and stated almost identically the same thing in a couple of earlier threads. If nobody on our radar is worth the number 3 pick auction off that pick to the highest bidder and go for the extra picks


I get that if you’re at number three you want a transformative potential Hall of Fame player and this draft smells like there’s only two of those in it. On the other hand I don’t trust Quinn to make a pic outside of the top three at this point so I don’t see the benefit of trading down if we actually screw up our earlier pick just to get a little bit better second pick. If they are stuck with three you take Brown and you move on and know that you got a guy that’s probably going to be a very good player if not great player and then you work on the rest of your roster with the draft and free agency seriously, who here trust Quinn to make a good pick in that 5 or 6 to 12 range? I’m going to bet just about no one


Redskins might pick a QB too. Or go for somebody know ones expecting.

They just drafted Dwayne Haskins last year. A QB would be unexpected by highly unlikely.

If they trade Trent Williams before the draft they could opt for Thomas. Hope he tests well.


If the Skins lose Trent Williams and Brandon Schreff they will have huge OL needs, that the fact they took Montez Sweat in the 1st last year gives us hope. But I still bet they take Young, and I would be fine with trading back a few slots from #3 and taking Brown.

Not only Sweat last year, but D. Payne and J. Allen in the prior two drafts. They’ve dumped a ton of resources into that Dline over the past few years. Young is better than any of them, but they may opt to protect Haskins or trade down with somebody who wants Tua and they can take Jeudy.

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They will draft Chase Young and put him on the OL :rofl:

If Thomas excels in the pre draft process I think he will be way up on their wish list.

I would imagine this off-season is dedicated to supporting Haskins.


I will bet anyone a fictional beer that the Skins draft Young. Assuming the Bengals don’t and assuming they lose next week

Cowboys suck and yes, skins can beat them. Question is, will they?

How’s that for insight!

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I don’t know, there’s going to be some talent in that range; there’s at least three potentially elite OTs, Gross-Matos, Epinesa, Murray, Diggs. I’d be good with any of them if it nets us another second

When you don’t trust your general manager to make effective picks, I don’t think it’s an effective strategy to give him more chances. Adding volume at the cost of making the selection at greater risk of failure due to less Talent is a recipe for disaster.

In 2007 we stayed at number 2 and got Calvin Johnson, but then we got sneaky and traded out of pick 34 to get an extra second round pick, and we traded our third round pick to move up into the second round. The guy taken at number 34 by our trade partner Paul Posluszny ended up being a perennial top 10 middle linebacker with more than a couple Pro bowls. The guys that we got with all that moving and shaking? Drew Stanton, Ikaika Alama-Francis and Gerald Alexander

Quinn hasn’t shownhe can do a good job of parsing the wheat from the chaff and I want no part of moving away from a no-brainer kind of first-round pick just so we give Quinn a shot to remediate his ridiculous Teez Tabor situation