Watch are drafted WR check it out VG vid


Kid’s got a real knack of slippery route running and getting open.

He never stops!! Great Hands !! Could be a good one.

good find

ARB is solid, but not spectacular

Quite the athletic family and story!

My favorite comment in the entire draft from a scout was about Amon-Ra. He said something like if you cracked open his head you’d find a football inside. :grinning:

Campbell lived up to his word about no turds. All these guy they drafted have that grit to them and seem to have a passion for the game.

I like solid spectacular looks good Sunday highlights but did the team win the game. That not spectacular means nothing but solid to me means a lot.
give me 5 solid an you can have few spectacular .

thx for sharing. nice post. what i like best is his ability to avoid contact at LOS, allowing him to separate. we have not had that since Tate, and we’ve missed it. He has several nice traits, all except top end speed, but that is fine for our WR room. Hopefully St Brown becomes a first down machine in a couple years. Liking this pick more and more.

Offers versatility as well.


He has the ability to play all over the field. I could see him in the slot with his ability to get open and he’s impressive with YAC. He fits well in the slot, if we plan on using Perriman and Williams as deep vertical threats on the outside. Hock, St. Brown and Cephus being the intermediate route options. And hitting Swift and Jamaal Williams on screens and out of the backfield. I also really think Swift is going to be lined up all over the field and be heavily used in the passing game.

Watching St. Brown, he reminded me a lot of Johnnie Morton.

this is what i would call him also. has the potential to be a solid slot WR. but i dont see 1/2 WR potential.

i wouldve rather seen Darden with this pick. But was happy to see ARB come aboard. Dardens return ability i wouldve loved to have. right now we dont have anyone i would call a decent return man. not that its a huge deal, but it wouldve put a very productive Darden ahead of ARB on my draft board, slightly.

I would have rather have seen Tylan Wallace at No. 112, who I think will be a No. 1-B level WR, but the key unknown there is the medical aspect.

i wouldve liked him too. and i think it wouldve been a fine “gamble” in round 4.