Watch "Jelani Woods Scouting Report: Huge Potential" on YouTube

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His name is way too close to Jahlani for me.


I have moved on because I would be surprised if he gets out of day 2, and I think we can still get a quality TE on Day 3. He’s a chain mover, all day long.

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I would love this actually. We need TE, I would argue we need a solid 2 TE even more than a WR now. Hockenson has not instilled a ton of hope, he’s solid but gets injured, hasn’t been what we expected, or at least I expected.

I believe as much as Spielman wants his LB, DC wants his TE. We’ll see how they go about getting their guys

Would anyone be upset if we took him at 32 or 34?

I kind of have too…but then watching him, he’s the closest thing to Gronk as I’ve seen and might be worth taking a shot on him. Unfortunately it’s at the expense of the defense probably. I wouldn’t hate the pick.


But if we can get a pass rusher and a safety in the top 3 picks, I’d rather spend one of those on a TE than a WR which we could get later

I’ve been in the camp of getting a DE, WR, S with our first 3 picks and then a TE later…but maybe we can somehow trade back a bit with one of those picks and pickup Woods and Watson in the early 2nd round, that would be pretty awesome.
Something like:
Brisker / Cine

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For sure! I would be happy with that. And I think it’s more likely the Lions are going to use those 32 and 34 picks to move around moreso than the 2 overall.

We shall see. I can see this becoming an insanely unpredictable draft, and at the same time being a very to the T generic draft.

All the smoke is burning my eyes!!!

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Woods will be there in the 3rd, the question is will he be there in the 4th? As we don’t have a 4th the only way to grab him would be, IMO, to reach. It’s too deep of a draft at TE to reach, let the board come to you.

I’ll hang my hat on Woods going in the 2nd round, possibly even the late 1st if a team falls in love with him enough. If Pettigrew can go 20th overall, Woods will go before the 3rd imo.

He’s not close to being the best TE in this draft, he’s middle of the pack and I like him. There is no team that has him rated that high. The tape was very revealing with re to what he can and doesn’t do. A normal draft has like 11 or 12 TE’s and very few have any that go in the first. Taking Woods in the first or second would be a huge mistake, there will be way better players taken in those rounds. Just because the Lions have made mistakes on taking first round TE’s is no reason to think the rest of the league will follow suit.

I want first 3 picks to be quality D players