Watching Lions on NFLN

Our second half of the season was pretty damn good, being showcased on NFLN now. Just showed Bears, overcame Fields running all over the place, but stopped him when it counted. Vikes now, this showed how much minny was a pretender.

Exciting to watch and see (hopefully!) what is yet to come on 2023!

Only thing, i still dont get that egg in Carolina! Still frustrates me to no end.


I’ve got it on too.
Jarrad Davis siting.
MRod with a 4th and 1 stop and another great run stop.
Jacobs picture-perfect defense PD on Theilen.
I need Lions football real soon!

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Shhh. I’m recording the game, don’t spoil it!

sorry brother!
Its 0-0.

I still cant believe they went for 2 there… that decision made 0 sense


Even worse was Goff throwing out of bounds on that fourth down play the previous series.
You’d think he would learn.

I mean ya goff doing that is frustrating but why go for two when you can make it a single score game with the xp… if you want to try and win it with 2 later fine but why chase points that you dont have to chase in the 3rd quarter

Are we sure DC is the right guy?

Lions at gb now, this one will be fun to rewatch

I have often wondered if seattle lost, how would we have played vs Pack. Tight and terrible? Or more motivated and better than we did?

The latter.

Watching these games tonight on NFLN, I watched the TEs in general. And man, they played really bad for the most part. Missed blocks, poor attempts going for the ball etc etc.

My question to you all, are we really ok at TE position? I am not so sure.

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I think they will draft a TE….
but I also think it will be #55 or later.


I think we definitely take a TE in this draft, it’s one of the deepest positions in this draft.
Fifth or sixth round.

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