Watching Moneyball right now

Hard to not think of what the Lions are doing.

Sure seems that way with all the 1 year vet minimum deals.

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We have holes, lots. Bad teams who whack their GM and HC, and cut 4-6 players always do…

We can plug half easily in this draft, if we keep the moneyball strategy in place.

Do I see J Chase as a 1350 yards 10 td guy? Nope!
Do I see D Smith or Waddle as that? Nope!
Pitts? Definitely not!

I think Slater or Sewell (only if Sewell will be okay playing RT) are guys who will easily outplay a 6-7M per year deal right from day one. They will let our RBs play at their highest level, and give Goff optimal confidence between a run game and extra time.

Round 2 is E Moore, Bateman, or T Marshall…

Round 3 is a FS

Round 3 is a WR like Amari Rodgers or T Wallace

Round 4 is a LB

You make it sound like an adult movie set.


So chase has to be a 1350/10 guy in 2021 in order to justify the pick? Now is that some interesting logic…

You do know we are rebuilding right? This season really doesn’t mean much in terms of winning games. We are trying to build towards a consistent winner and that takes time. Now I’m not saying going OT is a mistake. I actually am torn on which route is better between the two positions. But to suggest that Chase has to be a borderline All-Pro as a rookie to justify the pick is nonsense.

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I’m not disagreeing. Ish…

Would I trade the #7 pick for M Evans? No. For Stefan Diggs? No. So if I wouldn’t take the most successful top 10 WR pick in a decade, or last years #1 nfl receiver for our pick, assuming any prospect will prove a good value is optimistic.

Guys drafted CMac and Barkley atop fantasy leagues last year. It made sense at the time, but history said otherwise. Tavon Austin and John Ross seemed like as good if ideas as Waddle does now.

You so beat me to it, bro!

Impact players, especially on the O side of the ball. If we go high round picks on D, I would want someone in the front 7, DT if at all possible (don’t think there is one like that available). I wanna wait for the right guy on D. If they’re convinced MP is okay from a standpoint of maturity and commitment, I’d be good. Remembering watching White in the SB - goood laaaaaawwwwd that dude was changing the games in the playoffs.

I think Moneyball is a great example of how Holmes will play it.

That is also why I expect trade downs because there are probably 40 guys Holmes wants and he can only get 6 right now. He’d rather get 9+ if he can.

This is also not the time to trade away 1st rounders for proven players. Get the team and system working first and then if you feel you are in the SuperBowl window you can spend a bit of your future on the right now (but not to the extent the Rams have).

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Kenny Golladay just got $18m and he wasn’t that guy. If they did that they wouldn’t just be worth that, they’d have Hall of Fame caliber rookie seasons. How about a Chase, Smith, or Waddle as a 1,000 yd 5 td guy? Yep. If they did that they’d be profoundly outplaying a $6m-$7m contract, and they’d have a much bigger impact on the Lions than any rookie right tackle would.


It was be fun to watch all these players with prove deals we’ve picked up - and who makes to to the 2022 roster as well!

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I’m not a big supporter of doing this kind of makeover unless you are having to tear the whole thing down, which is what we are doing. I look at it this way, if we can get 1 player from each position to stick from this year to next, then we really are in a position next year to fill out the roster.

WR…1 of the FA’s
WR…1 from the draft.
I like Cephus and think he’s our #3 no problem.
Next year we have money and draft picks to fill out the 4 and 5 positions. Not counting on getting a #1WR this year but think we can between the draft and FA this year and next,

DL…Brocker and Okwara and 2 from the roster and 1 from the draft stick as starters/rotation. That means next year add 1 from FA and 1 from the draft. This is a worst case scenario IMO, even if one that you get rid of is Flowers. Still not a full compliment but the one’s you have are players.

LB…hard to fill. I figure we retain no more than 3 from this year and that’s if we draft a decent one. We didn’t get a legit starter from FA, our best hope is that we get 1 starter from the draft this year. Best case scenario is that we go into next year only needing 1 starter. In FA and the draft we should be able to put 3 starters on the field.

Secondary…If they can’t coach up Okudah it’s going to be a long season. Question marks everywhere. Will need to add at least 2 starters and I doubt we get any from the draft this year unless we get lucky. Going into next year I believe this will be our biggest need.

RB should be easy because we are only looking for depth.

TE, same.

OL…I can see us standing pat OR drafting Sewell in the first. Vaitai is the outlier here, how is he going to do at OG? The right side to me may be solid enough to be unspectacular, which puts them ahead of most of the other units. It is easily upgraded next year if they choose to let it ride this year.

QB…we’ll know by half way thru the season what we have or don’t have. We’re on the hook for Goff for 2 seasons, doesn’t mean that we can’t get 1 but why would you if you aren’t sure of what you got? Next year we have 2 first round picks, I hope and pray we don’t need either one for a QB because we need all the draft capital we have to fix everything else.

In any trade down scenario we should get 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. Even if we don’t get any additional picks for next year from a trade this year we’ll get 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. If you say that 3 of the 5 from each draft are players, that means you get 6 players from the draft and next year if we get 3 starters in FA that means we get 9 players between this year and prior to the start of next year to fill the roster.

2 added to WR, 2 to LB, 2 to DL, 2 to secondary and 1 to OL means you now have solid starters across the board and depth is your biggest issue. With proper coaching and w/o blowing the draft this team should be able to contend next season.

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