Watching Simpsons Treehouse of Horror marathon

Great afternoon for TV watching. Did I miss anything?


Yes - Pain and agony.
Love ya, bro - have fun w/your family!

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I watched some Roadkill on Motortrend. Reminds of when I was in highschool, doing some DIY on the old Camaro.

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nothing you can’t replicate with a Cat O Nine Tails session later

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Sounds kinky…

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That scene from the newest Deadpool. OMG hilarious

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The scene from deadpool was riffing on Sharon stone in Basic Instinct! Yet another milestone in the fascinating career of this forum’s official favorite Dutch filmmaker, Paul Verhoeven, in his stunning follow up to RoboCop and Total Recall (a mere handful of years before Starship Troopers)

Sharon Stone Reaction GIF by FILMTASTIC

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She was sharin’ something…not sure it was stone though. Probably be able to find out from plenty of Hollywood guys though if you asked…

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Absolutely tears of laughter during that. I knew exactly what they were up to. The context that Deadpool did it in…OMG! LOL. Negotiations with Cable.

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