Watching the packers-panthers highlights on inside the NFL

Panthers had a chance to seal a win and rogers got a roughing the passer call. The call looked horrible. What i found funny was rogers had the flag in his hand , like he has his own personal one. They gifted the packers another game. WTF!!!

didn’t see it, but not remotely surprised.

The video screwed up.


The Twitter link above has a much better video of the entire play

Watched it live, yet another call for the biggest whiner to ever play professional sports.

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Play ends unfavorably, Rodgers stares at ref, NY buzzes in via headset, flag thrown. Rodgers catches it. Nothing to see here.
Usual 4 second+ delay as viewed twice in the Lions game.
NFL investigates Lions for giving stafford best chance to extend his consecutive games streak.

Am I the only one that sees it as being hit and tackled after he threw the ball? Know you guys want Erin buried in a fire ant mound, as do I. But this call is legit through these eyes.

McCoy is SO CLOSE that Erin’s arm hits McCoy and he’s unable to even follow through with the pass. That’s not late. They’re usually looking at the number of steps the defender is taking after the ball is released. In this case, as the ball is released the QB’s hand hits the defenders shoulder pad. McCoy should not have been flagged.

He definitely didn’t drive him to the turf, but I do wonder if the ref is keying on the defenders feet coming up in the air. My guess is that’s what really occurred here. Ref sees the legs come off the turf, signalling a drive-into-the-turf action to the ref in real time.

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If that’s the case, then that is one of my biggest pet peeves with officiating. Stop using 'keys" to determine calls. Either you see the actual infraction, or you don’t.

McCoy clearly isn’t late. McCoy clearly falls to the side of, and not putting his body weight on, Rodgers.

It was a textbook hit on the QB by McCoy.

Just because a guy turns his head doesn’t mean a face mask occurred.
Just because a guy tilts his head back doesn’t mean a hands to the face occurred.
Just because a guys feet go into the air doesn’t mean he pile drive’d the QB.

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We hate it, but it’s a tactic that works. It often bothered me when on every other play CJ was involved in, he got mugged with no call, because he was so damned big. But all he’d do is pick himself up and jog to the sideline. If he had pulled the WTF and looked around for the flag more, I guarentee he’d have gotten more calls. Yes its whiney, but I’d rather be called a whiner and leading the division right?

Disgustingly bad call.
However, this isn’t a Packers favouritism issue. The weak roughing the passer calls are a league wide epidemic… except in favor of Stafford.

Yeah, I think it was AZ and a guy like dove on his back in the pocket and hit his helmet hard with his from behind. No call.

Just because a defenders arms go straight out it doesn’t mean unnecessary roughness on a falling QB.
Just because a WR’s arms go straight out it doesn’t mean he pushed off.

There’s a lot more where those (and yours) come from. Truth is, that’s the way things are officiated. They can’t see everything in real time, but they can see tell tale signs of certain offenses. Most teams know what they’re looking at, some actually coach their players to take advantage of it.

It is what it is. Bad officiating impacting the outcome of a game. And what do you know, it’s yet another game GB will have won this year because of it.

As big as Cutler? lol

I see it as he was in the process of talking him. I think he got flagged for putting his full body weight on rodgers.