Watson, Swift, Hockenson, Robinson, St. Brown

Maybe another solid FA pickup or 2 on defense.

That team wins the division.

Tell me how wrong I am and why.

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Don’t expect Lions to pay A-Rob 20+ million to sign him.

I might be wrong… but that is my story.


The reason you have cap is to spend it. But you might be right. I wonder if Golladay alone has teams reassessing value of a WR …


That team isn’t good enough on defense to beat Aaron Rodgers.

I mean I think it would be a toss up, but I’m giving any coin flip to Aaron Rodgers.

So here’s how this works…

If you trade for Watson and sign Robinson, you are competing tommorow. Then you aren’t going to have enough assets in picks and space to add defensive players to take you over the top.

We’d win a division. Maybe 2. Maybe even a playoff game depending on who we play. But we’re not going any further than that until we can get more players.

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But Kenny Golladay is one specific player. Not the rule.

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Also Deshaun isn’t waiving his NTC to come here.

Don’t we have extra draft capital for that very reason? And would you agree that if there was ever a draft to part with a high pick, it’s this one?

You need a stud QB to win in today’s NFL. Watson solves that need immediately, even if it costs some draft capital. And he’s young.

Not necessarily. He owns stake in a Detroit franchise. You’d be surprised what can move the needle for some players. You could be right but it isn’t a certainty.

I’d rather not spend big on a weak free agent wide receiver class as well.

I do like Allen Robinson, just not at 20 million plus a year.

Is that a quote from Matt Millen? I think I’ve seen it before.


I don’t disagree with any of your logic. That’s not what I’m saying.

Seeing as Russell Wilson essentially just got dealt for 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and Noah Fant plus Drew Lock, we’re looking at our 4 1sts, a 2nd or 2, and Goff for Watson, or something like 3 1sts, 2 2nds, Goff and Hockenson for Watson.

Once you make that trade, and sign Robinson, you’re a 10-7 or 11-6 type team that might win a playoff game.

Where does the next jump come from?

I don’t think we can win championships by making a Watson move right now.

We need more to already be here before we clean out the asset closet.


Ha! It’s just there seems to be more of an interest here in listing how much cap room we have than any interest in using it. I’m sure Sheila loves that idea.

Cap figure is becoming the new magic bean …


If Holmes makes good decisions, I’m fine with it. He made a good decision to not sign Galloday last year, so maybe he’ll make a good one when spending the cap this year.

I’m excited to see what he does this year.


I am not in the Watson camp, but would we really be giving up that much? I don’t necessarily agree that we would be mortgaging the future.

Another thing to consider, he has cap hit on 35mil, 37mil, 32mil and 32mil over the next four years. That is a Bargain for a top 8 QB.

Jared Goff could fetch us a 1st round pick if we traded him. He could likely fetch us even more then that. I could see Indy giving up their 2nd this year and there 1st next.

Would the Texans take #2, the Rams First next year, Indys 2nd this year, and our 2nd this year?

There supposedly asking price has been 5-7 assets including three first rounders.

The #2 pick in the draft is one hell of an asset and would be equivalent to two mid first rounders. Throw in our 2nd this year which is at the top, indys 2nd which is high up as well and the Rams 1st.

I bet they would do that deal. That would still leave us with a first and two 3rds tHis year and our first and indys first next year. Obviously we would have to get some value for Goff, but I don’t think that’s that far fetched

Once again I’m not advocating for it because I don’t think he fits the culture here, but I believe it’s feasible if we wanted to make it happen.

I love it but would like to see us get a stud QB on a rookie deal if possible. But if we brought in Watson and Arob it would be fun to watch!

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I didn’t have to look it up, my wife has lived by those words for many…many, years.


Entire conversation can’t even happen if Dan and Brad think he’s a turd though.

We shall see…

I personally feel like we have a lot of options (just not sure which is the best one). LOL

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One problem. Green Bay and the refs.

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At this point he shouldn’t be to picky

Not happening. La la land of a post. Brad and DC wouldn’t bring him in with his surrounding drama when their main priority is creating a great culture. I would also like to believe they are smart enough to realize this team isn’t “just a QB away” from getting them to the promise land. You mortgage the future for a Mahomes or a Josh Allen, but there’s a reason guys like that aren’t available.